Dual PCB Question

I have a DC stick right now, looking to add in usb support. I know if I wanted to go dc and ps2, I’d have to clip the power wires and use a toggle switch so that only 1 pcb gets power at a time. Since usb and dc are both 5v, would I have to still use a toggle switch? Using a flash atm if that makes any power issues worse.

Not to be an ass but why don’t you just use a DC to USB adapter? Wouldn’t that be simpler and cheaper?

All converters have lag, I’ve tried the radio shack converter, smart joy, elecom, some random converter from fry’s and they’re all bad. I borrow a friend’s doa4 stick with a direct usb connection and it plays great. That’s all there is to it really.

How about the EMS Trio Linker? I’ve heard nothing but good stuff about that one.

No, you do not need a toggle switch. Power both pads at the same time, no matter which pcb is actually being used. Using a pair of diodes would be smart, in case you pull a stupid and plug both in at the same time, but not required.

The golden rule is: If using multiple PCB’s, all must be powered.

would both pcbs being powered at the same time plus a flash/p360 cause any power issues?

If it’s wired correctly, it shouldn’t. If your using a VMU in the DC pcb, you might want to find one of those memory cards that don’t have LCD screens. They’ll pull much less power.

jake just put a switch… cuz if you break my flash… i break you… just like i broke your friend.

Can you explain please how can you do that - having a DC and Dualshock PCB at the same time??

If I use diodes, where do I place them inbetween and which diodes do I get? 5v limit diodes? I’ve seen some people say 4.5 before so just making sure.

You have to buy a toggle switch, clip the power wire on your ps2 and dc pcbs. Wire the plug ends of the power wire piece you just clipped to the 2 ends of the toggle switch. Then go from the center of the toggle switch with 2 wires, 1 to each pcb end of the clipped power wires. That way only 1 of the pcbs gets power at any given time.

Thanks dude, I’m becoming used to the fast answers at SRK haha