^^^ Dual-PCB Service (USB) [yes, i'm back]


I’m back as of Jan 2010. And ready to handle the community’s requests. Now with ChImp’s and Imp’s. 3 days max turnaround time. I have about 10 ChImps coming to me this week, Imps+360 pcbs shortly after.


Yes, I provide the goods - you don’t have to give me anything but your stick. Unless I have already told you how much everything will cost you, this is the cost that you are looking at. To switch between PS3 or 360, you will have to hold the HOME/GUIDE button prior to plugging it in. In some instances where your case does not have a home/guide button (an originally PS2 stick for example), START/SELECT will be used.

ChImp Install (PS3 for 360 stick) - $85
360 Install w/Imp (360 for PS3 stick) - $85
Something else - I will quote you based on what you need (note: I do not do RJ45 mods for the simple fact that one more component adds to your cost)

S&H - Please provide a return label for me to ship back to, or give me a copy of your receipt w/ added shipping expense to paypal.

For 360 PCBs, I use a hex inverter for the triggers. There have been many incidents where people were having problems with their trigger buttons (not my work) doing wacky things without a hex inverter and I ended up fixing it for them. I find it best if the signals get converted over from an analog signal to a digital signal.


Some I have done in the past and some I have lined up for modding IIRC :

(I apologize if I did not add your name to the completed list since I’ve gone through modding for A LOT of people, almost twice as much as this list probably)

Myself (HSS-0130 for PS2)

Myself (PS3 TE x 4)

John L. (360 TE complete)

Bryant (PS3 HRAP3 complete)

Ryan (PS3 TE complete)

Tony L. (360 TE complete)

Brian C. (360 SE complete)

Dan T. (PS3 TE complete)

Young - (360 TE complete)

Will - (PSE TE complete)

Danny - (360 TE troubleshoot complete)

Andy L. - (360 TE complete)

Jason R. - (360 TE complete)

Luca - (PS3 TE complete)

Bob - (360 SE complete)

Oscar aka The Answer - (360 TE complete)

Danny - (HSS-0130 full mod gutted for both 1p and 2p w/Imp complete)

Dentron - (360 TE complete)

Ron P. - (360 TE complete)

Tatsu - (PS3 TE complete)

Valle aka calipower - (complete)

Joey C. aka MrWizard - (all done - thanks for the talk, sir. i’ll be sure to keep in touch)

Edma - (360 TE complete)

Miles - (360 TE complete, PS3 TE complete)

Sam - (360 TE complete)

Shidosha - (360 Mango TE, 360 SE complete)

Kevin - (360 TE complete)

Valle - (360 R2TE complete)


eh? If it doesn’t come with diodes, it most likely isn’t an MC Cthulhu. First post of the Cthulhu thread includes how to tell a PS3 Cthulhu from an MC. If you definitely have an MC and are missing the diodes, let me know.


e-mail sent


hmm…I’ll keep you in mine for future use


i will doublecheck. friend of mine bought one from the same vendor and got everything. i wouldn’t be surprised if you were right though. mixed batches maybe ftl

edit: just checked, ffffffuuuuu



I’m Bryant on that list. Tu does very clean and neat work. I’d definitely turn to him for any future modding jobs as well. I can post pictures of his work if anyone’s interested.


Dan T is me. I’ve known Tu since the SHGL days, so definitely can vouch for an old friend. He’s also my neighbor (he lives like 1.5 blocks away from me)!


I was serious about my mod a few months ago but you stopped replying to pms or xbox live messages when I asked when you were free :(.

How long does it take, like are we able to get it back the same day?


Email sent


Ditto. I’m glad there’s someone that can help out!


sorry, its really hard to keep up evilj. just shoot me an email. i rarely ever read visitor messages or go on xbl… only when i’m on sf4 and hdr doing casuals with friends.

i can do a lot of prep work before you come since you live far, so i can cut your wait time by about an hour


I’d like to know the turnaround time as well – local drop off of course!


the max turnaround time is 3 days. i have a waitlist right now and i wont be able to start until thursday/friday. evilj gets some priority because he’s been waiting forever


Yeah thanks. I’m thinking about doing my xbox 360 TE still not the VSHG cause it don’t work no more. Might have to sell my hori FS 3 first to get some money.


hey i sent you a email like 3 days ago and haven’t gotten a message back yet… I was the one asking for the price if i gave you a cthulhu board ive already bought…


Just fired off an email to you!


Sweet your So-Cal!! can i just drive down there and drop it / pick it up ?


^yeah man, let me know whats good though cause im short on boards. i need to know what you want it to work for


If we provide a chtulu + imp can you make it without the switch and cable?


I would like to get on your waiting list. I have a 360 TE that needs to be dual modded.