Dual pcb's with common ground switch

Im in the plans for makeing a new custom stick.
I want to use two pcb’s, one xbox and one dreamcast.

Can i just add a switch to switch betwen “common ground” on the pcb’s ?
I will just have one pcb connected to a console at a time.
This shouldn’t lead to any problems, right?

Cause im only powering one pcb and only one pcb gets a closed circurit, right?

Please tell me if this would work.

And no i don’t want to use a sony ds pcb :stuck_out_tongue: for 100% compabillity im gonna go with native pcb’s + dc and xbox are easy to tap for 5v witch is requierd by my Suzo inductive.

I don’t want to go the “projectbox” way either, hard as hell to find good,cheap.durable,right size boxes.
Found one alubox with would suit me, but the price was twice what i payed for my dreamcast + 2 controlls :stuck_out_tongue:

You dont need any switches. If you only have one plugged in at a time, then they both use the +5v lines and the ground lines.

If you wanted to be a little cautious, you can use a pair of diodes so that everything will be fairly protected in case you plug it into both systems accidentally. Have the power line from the Dreamcast go through a diode to the point that powers both PCBs. Have the power line from the Xbox go through a diode to the point that powers both PCBs. Both PCB’s use the same ground. But still, no need for a switch.

The golden rule for multiple PCBs is that both MUST be powered and must use a common ground.

Thanks alot :).
That sounds good.
I wont need the diods, cause i’ll use two detachable cables, db9 in one end and xbox/dc in the other.