Dual Shock3 pcb wiring


Hey guys, I’m totally a newbie here and in desperate need of some help trying to wire this thing up properly to a Happ competition stick and OBSN30 buttons.:

Any help will be greatly greatly appreciated. I understand how to wire the signals to each button, its just the whole ground thing that confuses me.

Thanks so much in advance.


Just FYI that one of the worst controllers to hack. Even the Pros avoid hacking the Dual Shock 3 when ever possible.
There are many other boards that are much easier and simpler to install.

Also the board is is not common ground. Each color code group has it’s own common to use.
There a way to make the board act like one huge common ground PCB but its alot of work and hacking.

There also points where you need to install a resistor for the board to work. You lose the resistors when you get rid of the plastic membrane.


Crap! Just my luck.

Yea man i was looking at the chart and was like wth is all this color and resistor stuff.

Okay are there any pcbs I should be looking out for that can work on the PS3 (even PS4 Pcbs once backward compatible)?

It’s on old 360 stick that I wanted to temporarily turn into a ps3 one for use this upcoming week. Did some reading here and basically wrote off converters because of lag.

Thanks for the reply mate


Might have to get myself a cthulhu. Highly recommended around here :slight_smile:

Also came across the solderless hack for the ds3 pcb. Since I have the thing sitting right here, I’ll give it a shot and comment on my success.


Good luck. Did you consider pad hacking the dualshock 3 because you wanted to mod a wireless PS3 arcade stick or was it the only thing you had lying around?


^Only thing I had lying around.

Today, I was lucky enough to get a Logitech Dual Action controller from my cousin who no longer had use for it B). Here is the pcb:


Did some digging and found one suggestion as to the signals and grounds:


How do you guys suggest I go about hooking this bad boy up? Looks easier than the ds3 that’s for sure!!


I would try to identify the signal points from the back of the pcb and solder from there. But first, you should confirm if that pcb is common ground before you get started.


Having a Multimeter or a continuity tester really helps.


Wow what made you suggest this?? You are absolutely correct. The front of the pcb was made of some type of carbon thingy; totally unsolderble, so had to use the back.

Was killing myself trying to figure out why it wouldn’t hold. Scraped off the rubber points as well.


Yea had one on hand. Do I know how to use it though?? Lol…

I’ll take pics of my realllllly scrapppy work after my newborn falls asleep. In trying to do this job, I totally ruined Square. Had to wire L1 to jab.

Thanks so much for the suggestion to leave the DS3 alone Dark, probably should have still been fighting up with it.

That will be my next project though. At this point, I feel like I can solder anything!! :blush:


Set the multimeter to ether diode test or to messure resistance, you looking for that wire ability to conduct electricity.
On diode test multimeter often beeps when a connection is made


Nice. Thanks. Finally my multimeter is more than a voltage testor.


I noticed this morning that my hp was missing about 5% of the time. So I will be doing some multimeter testing tonight


seriously throw that crap out and get a cthulhu, MKX pad or Hori Fighting commander 4


How dare you insult my scorched yet 95% functional LOGITECH DUAL ACTION STICK!!!



Seriously though, I’m leaning on the Cthulhu side. Just so many good reviews here about it. This mod was in light of a tournament on Sunday that I needed a last minute stick for. So for all purposes, I’d say mission accomplished!