Dual Strike Dual Mod Help

Hey Guys, You were so helpful when I attempted my last mod, I hope you can help again!

I currently have a ps3 te stick, which i recently switched for a Dual strike pcb. So far everthing is working fine and the next step I want to attempt is to pad hack a madcatz xbox 360 controller and dual mod my stick.

My question is, is it as simple as connecting the ribbon cable to the dual strike, then soldering the ribbon cable wires to the corresponding points on the pad? I was under the impression that in auto detect mode the dual strike would pass all control over to the pad via the ribbon cable, is this not correct?

All other tutorials suggest that I have to have wires from the obsf 30 buttons running to the dual strike pcb, and another wire from the buttons (solderless trick) running to the xbox 360 controller pcb. Furthermore it seems to suggest i need to wire up, down, left and right connections of the existing jlf wire, so both pcbs run through the same wire.

I have read the following tutorial:


But im still a little confused on the specifics.

I appreciate any help you guys can give me and will start a post in tech talk if that is preffered.

Thanks in advance!

Hi! You just got to soldering the ribbon cable wires to the corresponding points on the pad, the dual strike has an imp already so usb cable must be plugged on the dual strike, the wires from buttons and pad you can assembled on dual strike or on the padhack, doesn’t matter since they are connected!

thank you seqo! Thats just what i wanted to hear!

just to demonstrate, dont look to the mess, that was just only to try if was all ok(a multimeter helps too8-))! Now I´ve got to get this clean!