Dual Strike Mod into PS3 Stick


Hi guys

I recently bought me a PS3 TE Round 2 Stick unaware that it doesnt work on my PC. Now I thought I dual mod it and bought the Dual Strike Mod.
Stupid as I am I just realized it now that I have the PCB, that it is intended to dual mod an XBOX 360 stick to work with a PS3 and not the other way around.

My question now is, can I still use it in my PS3 Stick or should I send it back? And if so, can I still build it in using this tutorial (http://pohl-michael.gmxhome.de/tedualmodtutorial.html) or is there something I have to do different?


You can still use it in your stick if your main goal is just to play on ps3 and PC.


thank you
but now there is another problem. My Stick´s insides dont look like the xbox ones. I´missing the PCB thats beeing take out in the tutorial.
I made a quick shot


Yeah, that is the typical PS3 TE guts.

Because you are not using the PCB for it’s intended purposes (dual-moding) you got to have some idea how basic stick modding works
You can either forgot the ribbon cable and just secure the appropriate wires to the correct terminals on the Dual Strike PCB

Or you can solder the correct wires of that ribbon cable to the button distribution board and the joystick harness.
The hard part would be finding the guide input on the PS3 PCB, if you want to use the stock guide button.