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Dual Strike PCB



Dual Strike is available here

and here
A usb cable for free is included in this offer. Go for it :slight_smile:

Dual Strike at ArcadeShop

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[]PS3, xbox1, PC HID Gamecontroller and keyboard encoder for MAME. Chance to piggyback a xbox360 controller pcb
]Auto-Detect of consoles PS3, xbox1, PC gamecontroller, xbox360 piggyback
[]Keyboard Encoder designed for default mame button layout
]Configurable via host software and without
[]4 Button Layouts for Keyboard Encoder
]Button Layouts can be activated on the fly and in game
[]Player1 and Player2 button layouts can be switched on one player CPO
]20 screw terminal ports for connecting all of your wires.
[]No soldering required.
]USB type B jack for connecting any standard USB cable.
[]Piggyback interface for even easier installation of pass-through PCBs.
]Integrated switch interface for USB pass-through functionality. Any two wire protcoll can be supplied to the switch.
[]Separate connection points for all power lines and signals.
]Mounting holes for easy installation inside your arcade board or cab.
[]Easy Firmware update
]Joystick mode switch for left, right analogue stick and digital pad (like on MadCatz Fightsticks and Fightpads)
[*]Emulation of a joystick mode switch for the pass-through device (like a MadCatz Fightstick and Fightpad PCB)

Dual Strike Extension Board called


EX-Strike is a simple additonal break out for the 20 pin header. Use it for upcoming LED driver Boards like Sparky or second Padhacks.

SMD Version


Dual Strike SMD Version was made by Gummowned and can be achieved directly from him.

We shifted to whole docs to google.

So go here to get informations and documentation


Q : Okay, I want it! Where can I buy Dual Strike?
A : Dual Strike is available in my shop http://www.arcadeforge.de,
for SMD Version ask Gummowned

Q : Is Home Button supported?
A : Yes, it is.

Q : How much is it?
A : http://www.arcadeforge.de

Q : Which Pad do you recommend for dual mod with xbox360
A : Take the MadCatz Fightpad.

Q : How can I put a new firmware to Dual Strike?
A : Go to the Documentation for detailed infos. To update the firmware of your Dual Strike press and hold Start to switch to the firmware update mode, then you can execute the firmware update file to update the firmware. After releasing the Start button, firmware update mode is left.
After updating the firmware it is strongly recommended to enter configurationmode and load the defaults!

Q : Any Tutorial about doing this Dual Mod ?

IvePhisto has made a wunderful tutorial for making a dual mod with Dual Strike and a TE. Really great work

[GERMAN] Tutorial Link

[ENGLISH] Tutorial Link

Q: Where`re the firmware releases?
A: Check out the links in the doc overview

– Other things

Testarticle and Tutorial on ONPSX.net

Thread in HE german forum

Blog Link

Hope you like it,


Is this an ‘upcoming’ thing or do you have them available already?

What do you plan to charge?

I started the project end of july this year. First batch PCB production was finished this october.

The first batch was about 20 PCBs and there are some left.

I’ve to charge :

  • assembled 17? (ca. 25$)
  • unassmbled as kit 10? (ca. 15$)
  • only boards for 5? (8$)

Accessories :

  • DPDT Switch with 6 pin ribbon connector 2?
  • ribbon connector cable for dual mod 1?

Congrats with the dualstrike!
What other consoles do you plan to support?

thats some good stuff there.

I’d really like to see a ps3/pc board that uses surface mount components. Maybe I should give that a shot?

Great stuff bencao74! Nice to see these being shipped from Europe, will save a bit on shipping costs for us europeans (if you do plan to go into full production). Best of luck

Jep. it was a pain to import the Cthulhu oversea. This was another kick in my motivation to start this one. If you want a pcb send me a message.

This would be really great. I prefer SMD, too, but then decided the Through Hole design because of the kits… What do you think about 0805 size?

Do you need the eagle schematic?

Hi Mike :), hmm it would be great to support the playstation2.

And of course this pcb is open for more powerfull microcontrollers like the ATMega168. I see that Mojoand Ulaoare able to decodethe Dreamcast. Probably they’re contributing some code for emulating the dreamcast controller…

Some pins are free.

I used 0805 size for the resistors on my Leo board. Was really easy to deal with and is a good size.

I never dealt with Atmel’s microcontrollers, just Microchip’s PICs. How does Atemel’s AVR microcontrollers compare with Microchip’s PICs? I would definitely be interested in the schematic, but it would feel wrong to use it. I want to make my own ps3 smd version so I can cut down on costs for doing dual mods when I travel to tournaments. I feel like I would be stealing your work to make a profit.

:rock: It’s awesome to see someone picking up the upcb project!
How much would international shipping be to Gilbert AZ 85233 ?

And I never dealt with PICs. I was really impressed about the usb support and support of pwm channels.

I’m using AVR because I started with it. I like the built-in pul -up resistor keeping the wiring simple.

The PCB layout is really no secret. It has to be this way or similar. Otherwise the V-SUB lib will not function. The piggyback interface was introduced from Toodles years ago. The only new thing is bringing those approaches together completing it with screw terminals.

The source is based on other open source projects, too. I’ve seen this kind of project here in this forum from brazilian guy, from mojo, from ulao, on raphnet, in the V-USB site… I`ve addded only some buttons to the HID descriptor and changed the pin mapping.

With other words: You`re welcome to attend the project if you want… :wink:

@Souji5 :

UPCB is far beyond the feasible scope of this layout :slight_smile: UPCB is still one the best projects regarding game controllers I ever see. You can make awesomethingswithit. :slight_smile:

well in that case I’ll have to give the AVR microcontrollers a chance. I had a lot of fun with the whole process of developing the Leo board. It definitely was a learning experience for me. I’m really curious on why there’s no PS button yet. I’ll have to jump in the project.

Yes, europeans get the screwover sometimes… great to have a product to compete with the existing available ones… this will help promote some new innovation :smiley:


let’s start with the schematic:

  • v0.1

This version was produced with a batch of 20 pieces.


  • v0.2inPrep

new version in preparation. Currently I’ve adapted the piggyback interface for xbox360 common ground pads to “quasi” standard UPCB.



SMD Version

  • For the smd version we can use resistors, capacitors and diodes in 0805 size.

  • Mini USB plug?

  • ATMega8 in TQFP32

  • screw terminals : I’ve used so far this 3.5mm. Sparkfun has a nice eagle lib for those ones.

The interface for the buttons should be soldierless. Does anyone have other ideas for the interface to the buttons?

  • ISP interface : Since we’re soldierung the ATMega-TQFP32 directly to the board we’ve make an ISP interface. This interface is also part of the sparkfun lib.

hmmm, what else? Add an 4066 for imp like switching between consoles?


This is interesting, do you have a website for ordering?

yes, I’ve started one under http://www.arcadeforge.de Take care about special forum prices in post #3.

I could personally go without the mini usb port, screw terminals, and a solderless button interface. If I were to make it to be released for other people then I would consider adding those, but I really just want to design it for personal use. Screw terminals are huge and would kind of defeat the whole purpose of making a SMD version (unless theres a slim version?).

Definitely will want to add a 4066 and I’m assuming the coding for the switching will need to be added.

just imagine the possibilities with a compact ps3 board! Dual modded 360 pads can be done a lot easier. I know Phreakazoid would love to have a board like that when he did his fightpad dual mod.

hmm, thought about the same. screw terminals limits the space improvement.

do you know some sort of slim screw terminals ; ) or just add pin headers?

jep, I’ll try a prototype. want to do this ages ago …

There are 2 level screw terminals, but the height is not a good thing… there are screw down terminals (where the screw itself holds down the wire) but i dont know if they make a board mountable type… it would be awesome since they wont have to be mounted on the board edge… that way, you can really squeeze the space (mount some other things on the underside too)… i dont know if such a product exists though!

I found your thread, good times!

How do you bypass the home-button issue as of now?


Home button is not user dependent like the guide button on xbox360. The Home button can be activated by any other controller connected to the PS3 with same effect. I learned this week that there exists only one or two games that features a dedicated home button (Resistance 2/Little Big Planet). So in my opinion there is no really need for the home button right now.


Funny idea :slight_smile: the top consists only of screw terminals and the rest is on bottom :wink:

Besides this idea I thought about using pinheader / ribbon cable as connector for the buttons and stick.
But we’ve 11 Buttons and 4 directions. I’ve made good experiences with the UPCB button connector having on each buttons a additional GND.
If we make one connector for buttons and stick then we’ll need the next bigger size of 26pin IDC / Ribbon connector. Any suggestions?