Dual Topic: How often do people discourage you/What's your signature color?



I included two questions in this one post to save space. So as a Sakura user, who is supposedly D-Tier, how often do people try and tell you not to use Sakura? For example, my brother was telling me how I should use Akuma instead, but I told him I’d rather not. As a user of a low tier character I’ll often hear “Sakura sucks!” and other shenanigans of this sort. How often do you hear this kind of thing?

And for the second question, a very simple one: Which color do you typically use when using Sakura? Usually I use color 9 (Sunburnt Sakura) but lately I find myself using 8 (Gray). How about you?


No one has ever really discouraged me, most people actually say wow a Sakura player thats pretty decent. Thats rare and gives props for using someone different. I always use alternate 1 color 10 , or alternate 2 color purple


Alex Valle himself asked me why don’t I pick a better character.

Been kinda salty about that ever since. Now I always root against him when I see him in a tournament.

I like the black gi alt#5



Don’t think anyone has ever told me not to play Sakura, I know she’s not the best character but that’s never bothered me I’m just stoked she’s in the game and cuter than ever :slight_smile:

I rotate between 5 colours; Alt 2 #3 (purple shoulders and shoes), Alt 2 #8 (pink/purple with purple headband), Regular #10 (navy blue, quite a popular colour among anime), Regular #9 (tanned with purple skirt and scarf) and finally Alt 1 #10 (gym outfit no gi).

Although Regular #9 has her tanned skin the same as “Sunburnt Sakura” the colour is from SFA3 methinks. “Sunburnt Sakura” had grey/black skirt and scarf :stuck_out_tongue:


Never had anything other than props. As for colour sunburnt or rival schools from the original, but at the moment I’m mainly using alt 2 4 (orange and blue) I can’t get enough of those orange pumas.


Almost everybody at my arcade tells me to play someone better. I just shrug it off cause I don’t take the game very seriously, just want to play someone I like.

Original: #3 & #8. Alt 2: #5 #6 #7 & #10


Sakura isn’t a low tier character, nobody I’ve played against has said otherwise.

I use Alt.2 Color 9 (I think), the black and white one, because it makes her look like a cute panda :slight_smile:


Alt 2 Color 8 is my shit. She is not low tier imo.


I get crap for playing Sakura from time to time, but that’s pretty offset by people giving me props for playing a more obscure character.

As for colors, I run alt 2 color 6 what it dew. Used to main the Chargers throwbacks original color 7.


I started SF4 as a total noob and Ryu was the first character I used in arcade mode. Unlocked Sakura and immediately found her fun. Followed a guide to unlock everyone else and managed to do it over one weekend. Sakura was still the most fun.

I didn’t know what an anti air was and I didn’t know that it was possible to combo into dp. I didn’t even know that there was a name for people like me who just mashed shouoken. I thought otoshi was a stupid move and that normals were useless. I knew nothing.

Of course people seeing how bad I was always tried to suggest other characters to begin with. Most pointed towards Ryu which is why I have always hated Ryu because I wanted to make my own way and be the best I could be with Sakura. I started learning Sakura and SF4 around April 2009. August 2009 I joined SRK and learned alot about Sakura from you guys. Suddenly I started winning and made G1 then everyone was sending messages saying, “Nice Sakura”

Nobody suggests Ryu to me anymore but I still hate him for those early days…

Here are 3 videos where I talk about me getting into Sakura and my dislike for Ryu.

[media=youtube]1u6aaW3S5Og][color=red]Ranked Nubs Online Episode #1 - The Pilot[/color[/media]
[media=youtube]VIPB8bCdWsM][color=red]Ranked Nubs Online Episode #2 - Baby Talk[/color[/media]
[media=youtube]mhRqkhspU6E][color=red]Ranked Nubs Online Episode #3 - The Shoto Wiggle[/color[/media]

Various colors for each outfit. To pick one from each I say:

Original outfit 10
Alt 1 outfit 5
Alt 2 outfit 10


Only thing that discourages me is her place in tier lists, I know tier lists aren’t everything but still gets to me for some reason.

As for the colour choice, I always go white with her alternate 2 costume ( The gym clothes).

  • Alt 2 Color 2 (blue one)
  • Black and Fire Custom mod for PC


Yeah a lot of people actually they say I’m wasting my time. But there are some guys i play offline the first time i saw them playing I was really impressed cuz they played really good, though they lost and said: Damn whaaaaaat? Is sakura THAT good?

For the second question i frequently use the mini-skirt color 2(pink) and 6(light blue)


Only time I’ve ever had somebody tell me to play someone else is when I’ve been reveling in their delicious tears after a loss. I once had a Sagat in Vanilla tell me she took no skill to play after I almost got two Perfects on him. :lol:


LOL Sagat in vanilla didn’t even take a brain to play.


Hi all. Been lurking for a while but this is my first post. I decided to play Sakura after seeing a trailer for SF4 before I had even bought the game, and have never been discouraged by anyone. I’ve tried to play other chars, but Sakura is still the most fun for me.

As for colors, I’ve use:
-Alt 2 Color 1 (I like the red)
-Original Color 6 (blue)
-Alt 1 Color 9 (pink :D)


Looks at the topic

Ok, answering the question directly; whenever I see their cursor go to blanka. Especially since I have also main balrog and know why the matchup blows for blanka. (And because you cant c.lk bnb blanka). Next, Akuma players, for they have the same thing goin for them.



I like Sakura since she came out in Alpha. I haven’t used her in tournaments yet, just casuals. My Sakura is not tournament ready yet, so Chun is still my main, but I wouldn’t care what people think. Play who you like.

Original #7, 8, & 9. I need to stop being cheap and buy the DLC customers.


Original 3 and The reason I started playing with sakura is because I used her in a match for the first time after doing her trials and fought some kid and beat him and like 10 minutes later (I guess after reading my profile and seeing I was a cammy main) he said “you fucking sakura ***, why don’t you just main her.” So I laughed hysterically and changed all my stuff (title, icon, gamerpic, bio) to sakura related stuff. Then I sent him a message and said “ok! want a rematch!” He never responded back haha


After losing a close match online with my 3 year old daughter watching she turned to me and said “daddy, pick someone else. Sakura isn’t strong enough” I started pissing myself laughing but it did make me think for a bit…does a 3 year old know something I don’t? hahahaha
I keep rocking alt 1 color 10 all day every day.