Dual/Tri Modding a Namco Arcade Stick PSX - n00b NEEDS HELP!


I’ve been reading loads of information on modding etc and I think I’ve got the basic jist of things on what equipment I need etc.

I want to mod my Namco Arcade stick to work on PS3/360/PSX/PC. Thats what I want. Now I’ve ordered the sanwa buttons and stick relevant to the stick already and they are on the way.

The help I need is on what PCB’s I will need to do this mod. Also what exactly will I need like wiring etc. This is the first time I have ever done a mod with the exception of changing buttons on a SE stick.

I really need advice and I have looked at various sites which have given me bits of information I have take. But I am really looking for someone that may have done a similar mod that I want to embark on and give me real steps on what equipment I need and what I should do step by step.

I know this is alot to ask but I hope someone on this forum can help me.


Considering how much space there is inside a Namco stick, I can only see one option:

Get a Datel ArcadePro PCB, connect it to the existing PSX PCB, and have two cables coming out the back.

I’ve recently done this to mine, but put on a Neutrik RJ-45 as well so all the cables are detachable. I used the ‘L1’ and ‘L2’ buttons as ‘Guide/Home’ and ‘IMP’ so I did not need to install any extra buttons to the shell.

Thanks for the reply garhling I actually just PM’d you on NE lol!

Okay I will get the Datel. So I should keep the existing PCB thats on the Namco? I have no idea on how Im going to connect the two PCBs together.

Ahhh im so bafted lol.

Another option is pull the PCB out of the stick entirely, wire up a DB15 connector and do external boxes.

Oh, seen! I thought that was a strange coincidence…

With the original PSX pcb you can either solder it directly to the Sanwa buttons (once you snip the contacts in half and bend them in an ‘s’ shape) or you can detach the PCB, run wires from the Sanwa buttons to it, then find a way to insulate & fix the board in place so it doesn’t move around/short out.

It’s not an easy project if you’re new to modding as there is a fair bit of soldering to be done.

bafted? I have never done a dual mod, but I would assume;

You just put a wire from each button and switch to both PCBs.
When you press the button, it will register on both PCBs, but the PCBs aren’t directly connected.
You could play on 2 consoles at once if both cables were plugged in. (EDIT: Apparently causes explosions)

Sorry if i’m wrong

If you’re happy to carry multiple, home made converter boxes around with you, then this is also a valid option.

Not such a good idea, sadly. Unless you like explosions :slight_smile:

Would it work one console at a time?
I just realised that it if there is always a connection between the ground and the pins of a pcb, the other pcb would see all the bottons as held down.
Never mind, ignore what I said before.

Cool thanks for that. Will I need a switch to switch between consoles I am playing it with or will I just go about have two leads (one from the original PCB & the other from the Datel PCB) comming out the shell?

Ima try get all the shizz together. The sanwa parts are comming and I guess I just need the Datel PCB. Do you have any Garhling? If so do you think you could do the mod for me? I will pay for labour costs etc.

Not 100% sure what you mean, but plugging the arcade stick into a single console is the way to go about things.

The PSX cable does not need any switches - simply plug it in and play. With the Datel PCB, you’ll need to hold down a button while plugging in to switch between 360 & PS3. I’ll explain more about this to you in person if meeting up.

Sure, I can get the PCB for you and whatever else you need. There’s a few other upgrades we can go through as well, like adding a RJ-45 jack or 8 pin DIN to the back of the stick so you just have detachable cables.

PM me on Neo Empire or send a email. I assume you’re cool to meet in Central London somewhere?

Sent you a message on NE mate.