Dual Wireless Leo + MCC Questions

Is it possible? My ideal setup would be using a dual wireless setup using leo and using a MC Cthulhu for fallback and to connect to the legacy consoles, using a 360 pcb to start with. During my exhaustive research here on SRK on how to build, mod and customize a fight stick box, I havent seen anyone mention or use this type of setup. Is it technically possible? Would I need 2 360 common ground pcbs? I have couple wireless 360 controllers that I am willing to sacrife to make this work. Are there any type of problems inherent with this setup? I was thinking about using a DPDT switch to switch between wired and wireless modes. I understand that wiring of it all will be a nightmare, especially considering that I also want to include a masterstrike with arc eyes setup running off 3.7v battery at a later time. I guess the best way to describe exactly what I want to do as a “Project Gouken” type setup but also using a MC Cthulhu for legacy consoles with a rj45. Any feedback would be much appreciated as would like to finalize my parts list and start ordering stuff. Thanx in advance

You can do it.
You only need one Xbox 360 Controller.

Just add Multi-Console Cthulhu like any Multi PCB Mod.
Ground to Ground, Signal to Signal, Power to Power.

Thank you for your quick reply. Now I can finalize my list. When starting, should I by adding the MMC to the 360 pcb or should I with the Leo board and add the MCC later?

I would do the Mult-Console Cthulhu last.
Then have the Buttons and Joystick connect to it.

When soldering the Wireless MS pcb to the LeoBoard, I would use 26 guage wire, and twist and tin two wires for every through hole in the Leo. One to the 360 and the other to the MCC. Like JDM I would do the MCC last, Make sure the Dual Leo works first.

You have to make sure that there are not two power supplies when you plug in the MCC + battery or you may fry your boards with too much voltage.

I would also have a SPDT switch for the battery and the other mode to enable the voltage to the RJ-45, so only one power source to the pcbs at a time.

This is in addition to the 3PDT switched needed for the dual mod.

Thank you both gentlemen for your insights. I had originally wanted to use DPDT switch to select either wired or wireless mode (controlling which board gets power as to not fry anything as rtdzign mentioned). Looking through my notes for the Leo board, I had noted that it was a DPDT switch, thank you for letting me kno that a 3PDT is needed. If a single regular SPDT switch can be used for selecting voltage, is it possible to use a 4PDT instead of a 3PDT + SPDT? The rational part of me has ruled that out, but I could be wrong. In that case I can settle on using a dual stacked switch (2 different switches side by side in the same housing) for this SPDT/3PDT configuration. Will I need a button for syncing? How will I charge the battery? Can I do this via the rj45 in the setup (abeit slow charging) or will I need a separate usb port solely for charging?

While on the subject of power switching and what not, it is my intention to also use arc-eyes with masterstrike to take care of the leds and stuff. Will be possible to have the leds and masterstike run off of the 3.7v battery exlusively? I dont want the leds to suck whatever juice is coming in from the rj45 as it will be a different voltage and like with likely have more draw that budget offered via usb power. I still want access the led functionality in either wired or wireless mode, if that makes any sense.

I had picked out 30 gauge wire for this project, should I use the slightly thicker 26 gauge instead?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile: