Dualmod project with Paewong PCB help

I’m dualmodding my HRAP3 PS3 ver. but using the Paewong PCB because my original HRAP 3 PCB is broken due to a fall. The problem is that I don’t have extra buttons for both the home or turbo buttons now due to the original home/turbo buttons were connected to the Hori PCB. I know how to connect two points to the same button in order to use the turbo button to connect to a console, but is it necessary for me to even use a home button? Does it affect me using the stick on any console? I’m asking just to avoid doing extra work since this is my first time dual modding.

Yes Home button usage is important in PS3/ Xbox 360 use

If you don’t believe me, try using not using the home button to navigate in and out of menus on your console

I put a Datel (basically the same thing as Paewang) PCB in my PS2 Pelican case, which only has start and select, and I only put Turbo and Start. I was gonna drill two extra holes in the case one of these days. But anyways it still works out if you just want to play but there’s some features in specific games that need a select button and I can’t freely navigate my console without a home button.

just for not making another thread.

are there any issues if i solder home to turbo for console switching?

Should be fine. Just remember not to accidentally trigger ‘turbo’ mode by pressing one of the 8 face buttons at the same time.

yes, that´s why i dont want it to have it on select/back…

1 year ago i played with a ps360 kof98um on xbla, and it had select as turbo, and when i chose EX characters, i activated turbo accidentally everytime :C

Yep, that’ll do it :rofl: