Dualmodding BrawlStick

So I have a TE S dualmodded with a Kitty but I’d like a second backup/for-friends stick and I need some help with the dualmodding. First of all I’d like to know your opinion on what type of PCB to use. I’m thinking about the DualStrike. I can do the soldering that’s no problem. Also the Kitty would be nice but the guts of that stick are different from that of the TE if I know correctly, so I don’t know how it would work out. I haven’t bought the stick yet I want to plan it beforehand, so if you can suggest something that’s easier to mod or cheap and have compatibility with PC/360/PS3 (there was one but I can’t remember it’s name) and needs only the button/joystick replaced that’s good as well I’m open to everything and thanks for the help in advance.
Also, first real post here on SRK after loooong forum lurking, hello everyone! :3

Post questions like this in the noob section or search the damn forum they have been answered a million time

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I thought the DualStrike required a 360 PCB. (I’m not too sure if the PCBs on the Brawlstick are the same as the TE, SFxT Pro series PCB) If it is then you could always purchase a ChimpSMD or maybe a Cthulu for multiconsoles.

I’ve been curious about this too. From what I gather, the simplest way us to use the chimpsmd. Not sure how solderless it is though. Pretty sure the tekitty is not an option.

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The ChimpSMD is 100% solderless. You just need to solder the main PCB board with wires so you could clip them in the screw terminals for the solderless Chimp.

Can you tell more about the soldering of the main PCB? I haven’t seen that part in the PDF I found on gdlkcontrols O_o .