Dualshock 2 used for dual modding? HELP!


I have researched as much as I possibly could before making a post. SRK’s search function makes it very hard to find specific reply’s in 200+ page threads.

I am putting together a “make-shift” stick with extra parts I have laying around.
I wanted to make a XBOX360/PS2 stick, with controllers I already had, or could acquire very cheap.
I already have an extra 360 fightpad, and my buddy gave me a PS2 controller last week.

I have already read about how the PSone dualshocks are better for pad-hacking, yet I have tried every gamestop and pawn shop in two cities now and cannot find one.

It’s a blue Series-A DS2, and while it looks identical to the “late” version, instead of having silver pins to solder to, it has 18 small pads, similar to the “middle” version.

Does anyone know if the pin layout is the same? And also, if it’s even possible to use it in a dual-mod setup.

Any help is GREATLY appreciated.


I am also slightly confused on what you do with the resistor. You solder it to pin 7 and what else?


not dual-mod-able, IIRC, not common ground.


thanks toodles.
found out theres a few pawn shops down here i missed… the PS1 hunt continues.