Dualshock 4 banned at EVO 2016



Last year it stated the dualshock 4 can be used but that it had to be left with the pool station.

Now, that line is removed, all paired wireless controllers banned. That includes the dualshock 4.

Bad for MKX players.




looks like pad players for mkx, guilty gear, and sfv are going to need to invest in one of those new madcatz pads


Well…count me out then.


you would have to get a hor or madcatz pad, those are the only two non converter wired pads in existence


Wireless controllers have always been banned at Evo, with the exception of last year because of all the new consoles.

Now there are actually options for pad players and we hope that players take advantage of them.


Thank you MR. Wizard for your response.


So we cannot even take out the batteries from our Dualshock 4 controllers? What?


Nothing in the article says you can’t use Dualshock 4 controllers.


As far as i know the ds4 does not work as a wired pad, only as a bluetooth pad, even when it is powered by USB only.


“All wireless controllers are banned.”

Dualshock 4 controllers fall under this rule.


Removing the battery however makes it a pure wired controller. Implement this rule and you’re good to go. I hope we have some clarification regarding this matter.


Then why does it say you can use the Xbox1 controller?
You can remove the battery from the Dualshock 4 controller
just like the Xbox1 controller and it will work fine


There is no accepted alternative for a DS4 pad in the MKX community.

This should be reconsidered and instead the desync rule should be applied.

Players who come onto a setup are responsible for removing the previous controllers from a setup.
If they do not know how, the judges should show them.

It has been proven that this prevents pauses from games, and if a pause actually happens the judge
must enforce that the players are forced to either continue without replaying or restart the round/match.
it is 100% the players fault(not previous players). This is not a complicated process. Both DOA and MKX
practice this method. It is less of a headache for the masses.


this is not true, the xbox one controller works while wired through the usb chord.

The Ds4 does not.

The ds4 uses the usb chord to power the bluetooth signal which pairs with the system. So it is never wired.


hor or madcatz make wired pads


see my above post. It is not a pure wired controller, it is a bluetooth controller even with the battery removed.


The pads are much different than the DS4 pads, not widely accepted within pad communities and are an extra expense for only one tournament.


I’m not sure if you are just trolling, but…

The DS4 does not power on with the battery removed while plugged into the system via USB. Someone may be able to design some hardware to bypass this problem, but it hasn’t been done yet. There are a few other problems related to managing a tournament and a controller that does not give easy access to it’s battery compartment, but I won’t go into those.


ds3 was banned from evo previously, this isnt new