Dualshock 4 banned at EVO 2016


Wireless pads are a problem. People not desyncing properly and fucking up the matches has happened in the past.

Keep in mind there will be thousands of competitors at these events and TOs will be charged with overlooking a number of matches at once. They cannot be asked to make sure everyone desyncs. It’s just easier to ban them. You have months to find an alternative, anyway.


and considering there are at least 3 fightpads on the market that are wired + wired fightsticks, it should be fine.


Its impossible to desync your OWN controller.

This is why its the responsibility of the people who come up to play a match to delete the previous controllers on the console.
Each judge at EVO is assigned to look at 4-6 matches at once, it is NOT hard to catch a pause at all.


this system you are proposing is bound to fail at a large tournament. They gave players a break last year but there are plenty of pad options now.


Those pads are completely different from the DS4 pad. I also don’t like having six face buttons.


It doesn’t fail though. Especially since there is a judge for every four-six stations.

It’s NOT hard at all to remove the controllers at all.
Settings -> Devices -> bluetooth -> Disconnect all controllers that aren’t yours + opponents.

Quite literally the only way this will fail is if players are dumb and forget to do the process. Which is their fault and they deserve to have their match interrupted for being ignorant.


or you could ban wireless controllers and not worry about it someone forgetting.

and on the six button thing, use 4 of them and the triggers.


For an event as big as EVO…I think that’s more of an inconvenience for the TO/judges.


Get used to it.


I’ve seen guys walk off in a loss pissed and forgetting to desync their wireless pad…which holds up other matches to be played.
The staff doesn’t want to risk that.


Doesn’t Smug play controller? Like, not even a pad? I wonder about his reaction.


Pretty sure he would still have to abide by the rules like the rest of us…


Mr. Wizard just unbanned it on twitter. One more year makes sense. Gives players and manufacturers a year to bring acceptable alternatives.


**All wireless controllers other than the DualShock4 are banned.
Straight from the additional rules page. Must have been a recent edit.


Yeah…Wiz just amended the rule.


It’s not like Smug’s game is even in EVO this year…


You are misunderstanding what I am saying.

The people who walk off can’t desync their own controllers, only the new people who come on can truly disconnect the controllers.


Brook makes an excellent PS2 to PS4 adapter that should more than meet the needs of pad players who use a Dual Shock.

You can purchase one here: http://www.paradisearcadeshop.com/brook-super-converters/1675--ps2-to-ps3ps4-super-converter.html?search_query=ps2+to+ps4&results=1


Joey Cuellar
We are going to unban the DualShock 4 for this years event. Players are responsible for unpairing them after your match with the console.


It seems both of you guys have no idea how pad players operate. It’s common knowledge that PS3 pads have some of the best D-Pads in the business. Those sega genesis like fightpads are horrible and ironically make it a bit more difficult. You can’t be so caviller and just tell someone to essentially suck it up when you don’t know what it’s like. Yes these controllers are out there, but there’s a reason people don’t use them. They’re A) Not cost effective and B) Not good or worth it.