Dualshock USB connectors for PC work on PS3

Do these things work good on PC? Any lag? People might not need to upgrade their PS2 sticks afterall.

Finally, it’s nice to actually hear news on the matter. There was no logical reason for this not to work, but Sony has just been keeping mum about it all. I guess Sony was probably keeping it quiet to promote the sixaxis as a major feature of the new console. At least we know that our PS1/2 controllers and more importantly, our arcade sticks will work on the PS3. That means we don’t have to spend $60 for a PCB for use on the PS3!


WoW, great news. I thought my sticks would be useless, when PS3 hits the market. Thanks for the info :tup:

Cool news :cool:

awesome news! not i need play-asia.com to give me a refund…

I hope those adaptors work with PS1 PCBs also; that’s what my stick has. Good news either way.

Yeah the USB adapters work with PSX PCBs and non-Sony PCBs such as Hori HRAPs.

Well at least PS3’s doing something right so far.

The kicker about this, and the reason I really want to hear other people testing it, is that the PSX->USB converters show up as HID compliant game pads. If the PS3 supports those natively, then just about any USB gamepad should work fine. It also would mean that we could start using our own PCB’s; USB gamepads are easy to make with super cheap PIC’s. NO MORE PAD HACKING!

But I really want to see other people testing and verifying this.

I don’t think so. USB Devices aren’t Xbox360, Xbox, or PS2 compatable.

Besides, you can simulate a psx pad using a cheap microcontroller anyway.

Well I bought one of the Radio Shack converters the other day. I will hopefully be able to test it on launch day with some first party controllers like the PS digital, DS1, and DS2.

There’s probably info on this topic on some Japanese boards seeing as it launched today. There is already information about being able to replace the HDD with another SATA drive. Which is lucky for me since I have 3 SATA drives in my comp right now.


I didn’t say anything about Xbox360, Xbox, or PS2, now did I? PS3. If the article cited is accurate, there is very good reason to believe that the PS3 will accept standard HID compliant game controllers. We won’t know for sure until they get here, but you can bet your ass it’d be the first thing I check.

Paik: Would you also try out any regular USB gamepads you may have, any other ???->USB converters, and if you have one, a xbox360 wired controller? All should be HID compliant.

well good thing i have one of these:wgrin:


but not that i will ever get a PS3 anytime soon though:sad:

Hahahahahahah, but you will spend 600 bucks to play your 2D or 3D games!

The PS -> USB adapters are nothjing but HID devices. What I’m saying is, if yo’ure going to run around using PICs and other microprocessors, just build a psx pad cheap.

Are these new ones or can the ones that have already been out be used?

Okay, the latest news says that a controller with work as long as it has the ANALOG button available to activate it. So if you have an arcade stick, be prepared to modify it with another button for analog.

Yeah, I have no problem paying that. Especially when I plan to sell a second PS3 to cover the cost of it and a Wii. And what other types of games are out there besides 2D and 3D? 1D? 4D? Yeah…you probably meant 2D and 3D fighters, but we’ll excuse your oversight. You seem to have no problem spending $250 for a Wii to play 2D and 3D games. Or paying the extra $60 for the extra controller and nunchuk attachment. Or the extra $20 for the “classic” controller.

And how are you going to play the classic 2D and 3D fighters on your Wii controller? Hm…? Well, let’s see since Wii doesn’t have standard media backwards compatibility, so it looks like you will have to re-buy them from the Virtual Console (and the Virtual Console supports old ass systems that don’t even have most of the popular fighting games played today). Gamecube backwards compatibility is worthless for fighting games considering there are few that were even ported to Gamecube at all. And you can’t play them using the standard remote and nunchuk combo (at least not with ease).

And if you want to use an arcade stick, it looks like you’ll have to buy a new arcade stick since there’s been no information on Wii controller compatibility aside from the Gamecube controller ports (which very few retail arcade sticks were made and even fewer custom sticks). And look, same thing as PS3…you’ll have to use some kind of converter to get your current arcade sticks to convert to Gamecube or Wii. But really, what’s the point when there are little to no fighting games even worth playing? On the other hand, we PS3 owners can use our old games from the PS1 or PS2 (which which combined have the largest fighting game library of all consoles) with our fighting game friendly SIXAXIS controller OR any of our analog button ready PS1 controller, PS2 controller, or retail or custom arcade sticks…Hrm…Should we do the math on that? Let’s see if you pay $5 per fighting game that you want to play on Wii, as well as new controller/arcade sticks…let’s see how many of each you can buy before you spend more than the $600 (PS3 price) - $250 (Wii Price) = $350.

The fact that we can use our current gen controllers or arcade sticks (many of which cost over $100 or even $200 for a custom) saves us the trouble of either having to buy a new one or at the very least having to buy a $60 just for guts to replace current PCBs. We can go buy a cheap PS to USB converter and have 3 extra controllers for less than the cost of a single new Wii controller ($40).

Not to mention, I honestly don’t plan on using the PS3 as a gaming machine for a while. I’ll buy one launch title to just have something to play, but I’m far more interested in it’s use as a Blu Ray player and other things. Since cost is such a factor, I’m guessing you’re not going to buy a Blu Ray or HD-DVD player until it becomes cheaper? I wonder how much you spend on that in addition to the $250 you are spending on your Wii…That $350 difference just keeps getting smaller and smaller, doesn’t it?

With all the capabilities the PS3 has already showing in the last 24 hours since it’s launch, I think it’s a solid investment. You can install a different OS, you can upgrade the HDD (do you want to compare the stock HDD sizes of the PS3 and Wii? I think not), use its vast multimedia capabilities as well as high compatibility with multimedia devices and dozens of formats.

What I think is more ironic is that you make fun of someone when I bet you’ll be buying one as well after a few solid titles come out for the same $600.

But what I really think is that you should shut the hell up. No one was laughing at you for wanting to buy a Wii which has shown to have a comparatively nominal performance upgrade from the Gamecube. If that’s what you want, then so be it. And what’s more idiotic is that you pass negative judgment on a system that you PROBABLY haven’t even tested for yourself.

I think both systems have their perks which is why I am getting both.


My suspicion is that the adapter picked up required analog capabilities in the first place…

I hope I don’t have to hack my HRAP1


This is the article I was referring to. It states the following: “IGN was able to crack this jawbreaker of an issue. They were able to test Dual Shock 2 controllers on the PS3 (via USB adapter), and they worked pretty fine. You’d just have to turn on the analog button when you plug it in. Despite missing the SIXAXIS’ PlayStation button that brings up the XMB, these controllers still work.”

It goes on to say that to use PS1 or PS2 games, you need to press the PlayStation button on the sixaxis to start them. You can switch controllers afterwards but if you don’t have an analog button, you can’t activate it. This is not entirely shocking since I’ve heard that you need the analog button to work on some PC programs. I’ve had to actually make a custom with the analog button for that exact purpose at the request of my customer.

So DualShock1 and Dualshock2 controllers should work fine. Digitial controllers won’t be able to activate and neither can special peripherals like the Guitar Hero guitars. That makes it kind of troublesome, but still adding the analog button to current arcade sticks with DS1 isn’t that big of a deal.


Okay, that’s really weird.

Most, if not all of the PS->USB adapters have not had the ability to react to the Analog button pushed on or off. It does make the controller not output analog and makes it look like a digital pad is connected… I have a USB adapter that works fine with digital pads and sticks(in fact, I use it for beatmania on the PC).