DualShock3 pairing issues resolved

Hey guys

I had been tearing out my hair trying to figure out why my two dualshock 3 controllers were losing its pairing with my PS3. It seems that this is a common problem out there and i couldn’t find a straight answer out there. So I thought I’d share my experience for the benefit of everyone.

The Problem:

  1. DS3 controller would not turn on the console remotely.
  2. DS3 controller only works after console is turned on and usb cable is attached.
  3. Once the console is turned off, the pairing is gone. Its as if the DS3 were never connected. The only way it works is to turn on the console and connect usb cable each and every time (what a pain!).
  4. Sixaxis controller is not affected. It works 100% as expected

I’ve tried:

  1. Using different USB cables
  2. Hard boot of PS3
  3. Reset to default PS3 config
  4. Using reset button on controller

The Solution:

  1. PS3 full system restore (full hard drive format)

Now both my DS3 controllers work as expected. I got my PS3 before DS3 came out, so my guess is that along the line when i downloaded the firmware update that contained drivers for DS3 controllers, it somehow did not install properly until i did the full system restore.

Hope this helps anyone who has had the same problem!