Dualshock3 vs Joystick Pad

So im just begining to learn how to play SF competitivly. I have been reading quite I bit on this forum and from what I can see, it seems most people are giving advice assuming I have a Joystick controller.

Im sure at some point that would prolly be the best option but I currently use a standard Dualshock3 for the PS3. I guess my question is, is it going to be harder getting good with a PS3 controller? I dont think Ill be going as far as signing up for tourneys and such, I just wanna be pretty decent online.

Pros vs Cons?

Thanks in advance

If you’re going to be playing with a pad, and you don’t want to commit to a joystick I would at least buy a fight pad. The dualshock shoulder buttons are a nightmare to deal with if you wanna do things like plink or anything like that. As to if it’s going to be harder to get good with a pad? Since you only want to be good on a casual level then you’ll be fine.

ps. i love you for saying joystick and not fightstick

Check out the joystick faq at the top of the page. The first part might answer some of your questions.


For real.
FightStick is a Mad Catz name.

Arcade Stick is the general.

Buy a stick and read the FAQs at the top of the forum

damn, sorry. I always think Ive read for the question I had before starting a new thread but one I go back and look I always missed it somewhere. I was just reading the one above that and totally skipped the one below.

thanks by the way for the help

so lets say, for now, I stick with the pad…

I know there isn’t really a way to give me the “BEST” button layout without someone else disagreeing. But is there a “better” button layout other than the default or possibly a more commonly known button layout. I just find it kind of difficult to hit the L1/L2 for the ultras.

I like the Dualshock 2 controller much better than the fightpad…but that’s just me. I guess playing the playstation for the past 10+ years, my hands are just used to holding them.

Just keep changing it till you find what you like, theirs no best or worse button layout.

So the only problem I have with that is I don’t want to get comfortable with a certain layout because its easy now then later come to find out its just too hard to pull off any type of combos with that layout. I’m still new to the competitive side of SF so I’m hoping for the more technical aspect part of the question.

aside from the “comfortable” part of the layout, is there a layout that just makes more sense in terms of combos? – I use Ken btw

if you’re staying with pad like Yurt said, try different things out until you find something you like. if and when you get a stick you should try to avoid mapping 3P/3K to any buttons at all. mapping multiple commands to a single button is usually banned in competitive play, but if you’re just now getting started on a pad I wouldn’t worry about that just yet.

No, it’s not. Macro’ed buttons which are DEFAULT in Street Fighter are allowed everywhere. And he’s already said he’s just trying to get better online, not to play competitively.

Honestly, the default button layout is perfect. Back in my pad days, I used that setup from xmen vs street fighter all the way to mvc2, with A3, ST, 3S, and everything in between.

Sweet thanks man. I guess I’m just gonna have to keep practicing the L1/L2 for my ultras until its just as comfortable as my Rs