DualShock4 on the Xbox360


Hey Guys,

I’m really sorry if this is not the place for this but I need a little help. I’m I’ve been searching for a way to get the ps4 pad to work on the 360 as i am a pad player and that thing is superior to anything out right now. i know it works perfectly fine on the PS3, but how about the 360? is there any converters that will work for it? If not, would dual modding work and does anyone know some one co can do it? and if so how much would it cost me to have it done?

Thank you in advanced, for any help at all will be appreciated.

  1. The DS4 doesn’t work perfectly on the PS3, you don’t get a home button

  2. There are no converters currently out on the market that work with the DS4

  3. Dual-modding technically would work, but I’d wager that 99% of modders out there would not take on the job for you. The only person I could figure might do it is Gummo. For the possibility of a quote, ask him directly.


It is too early this product cycle to even think about it.
it takes time to develop the necessary adapters and hope they work right.

Problem is we are too spoiled with how the PS2 was and how controllers transitioned into next gen.
And PS3 having genetic hid class drivers for wired devices.


Hey thanks for the response gundam! i figured that would most likley be the case. Since i saw that one video from a while ago i figured someone else wouda gotten it working, but in that video the dude used a cronus adapter… pretty much banned at every tourny

Ah well it was worth a shot to ask. thanks alot!


The best way to do this would be to use Undamned’s USB -> Discrete converter, which can be connected to something like a 360 fightpad as a padhack/project box.

It won’t be too difficult to do, just gotta wait for UD to finish up getting those into production. At a guess, since the DS4 utilizes standard HID architecture for anything other than the PS4 interfacing it wouldn’t be too difficult for UD to implement if it doesn’t work straight out of the box.

Cronus is banned everywhere, so that’s probably your only “true” option is the step back of a project box. The good news is that UD’d converter is the perfect accessory to bridge that gap for this generation and next gen stuff.


@Phreakazoid‌ is right, your best bet is the wait until @undamned’s UD-USB support for the DS4. You’d need to couple that with a 360 PCB of your choice, pack it in a project box, and voilà.

I’m sure it’s in the pipeline, but it might not be at the top of his priorities right now.


Before the ps4 was even out the first thing I tried doing was mod the ds4 for 360. Got almost done til I got stumped with the L2/R2 and then the traces on the plastic sheet got scraped off. I gave up after that and just used the PCB to make the first ps4/Xbox1 dual modded stick.

Best to just wait for undamned’s USB decoder