Dublin, Ireland: Inferno 10 Super Street Fighter IV tournament

Inferno Ten will be on Saturday the 3rd of July in the XGC Lower Liffey Street Dublin, as always.

Registration ends at 13:30
Entry: ?15

This will be back to normal, with the normal prize structure of all the entry fees split between the top three finishers.

Usual rules apply and bring your own controller and copies of the game please.

Any questions feel free to ask.

More information:
Street Fighter Ireland
Inferno Ten - 03/07/10 - boards.ie

Facebook R.S.V.P.

Results of Inferno 10 held on July 3rd 2010

1st - Cobelcog
2nd - Blag
3rd - AnimaX

4th - GoreySnake

5th - Bush
5th - Newtype

7th - Placebo
7th - Kirby

9th - AyJayIRL
9th - Redman350
9th - Dreddybajs
9th - KenB

13th - DoctorDooM
13th - IanMcTetley
13th - Speedboat
13th - FoamyMushroom


More vids here