You know, I did NOT want to like this. It’s too slow. But after listening to it, it isn’t bad but I still don’t know enough of it to form a true opinion of it. Anyone have any good tracks?






what I listen to when I play WoW


Zulu my man, there’s already a Dubstep thread homie. It’s old though and BasikTeknic started it.


Anthing by Rusko and coki.:rock: imo


www.dubstep.fm (radio)

Reso - Beasts in the Basement
[media=youtube]Vg9wQ0WBBSo[/media] (sickest track in rotation at the moment)

and I have a bunch of free dubstep you can download from my site here:

Check out anything by Skream, Caspa, Rusko, 12th Planet, Mayhem, Emu, Pawn, TriLLBass, Shift Recordings, Black Sun Empire, DZ, etc


I love this guy’s stuff. Midnight Request Line is one of my favorites. Bass in the car is insanely crazy.


Co Sign on Rusko and Caspa. Gotta throw Nero up there, his shit is absolutely godlike. Not a huge dubstep fan, but one of my DJ buddies has been mixing it a lot lately and i’ve been learning to Mix it myself.

Go listen to this Deadmau5 track right now by the way, so fucking sick.



It’s all about Bar 9, Burial, Kromestar and anyone that’s signed to Tempa and Tectonic Records




I support this thread 'til death. LOTS of good artists have been mentioned already.

Kromestar vs. Hatcha - Fuel Head [media=youtube]89xxZ64tGhQ"[/media]

Distinction - After Life [media=youtube]9dMe-M588OI"[/media]

Bassnecatar & Jantsen - Ready2Rage (remix) [media=youtube]iCj4PlrDmww"[/media]

Juju - Punks [media=youtube]suvjrsRHbHc"[/media]


Please, just let this shit die already.

Death to dubstep.


Oh, wow. I’m going to have to check out his other stuff.


Happy/UK Hardcore 4 lyfe.


[media=youtube]R7SryRT_j1k"[/media] this track is way too GOOD! Had to resurrect this thread!


You resurrected the wrong thread. We already have a dubstep thread. That’s why this one died.