Duc Jr. ain't nothin'. EC invented drama


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Honestly Duc Jr. and his crew have their hands full if they want to compare to anything on EC. They’re trying to plant their flag in controversy, but they’re just ants in the grand scheme of things. This is an oldie but is one of the foundations for EC drama. This is just further proof that Duc Jr. is entertaining, but he’s still a newblood compared to EC drama. He ain’t on our level. Take notes son.

Florida’s the truth.

Fuck everyone and everything. Sindel’s gdlk.

This again is just a reminder to <3 your fellow gamers, and whatever idea you have, we’ve thought of it and do it better, faster and with more precise execution than you.

Again. Team Dark Pussy, you ain’t shit. Quitely humble yourselves, and resign with some sort of dignity. When trying to start shit with EC, you’re out of your class.


dont forget preppys “sandwich” video with the guys bugging over food

or the cableguy vs EC drama


Long link is long


link and cursing in title fixed


crazy karma right there.


Hadn’t seen that video. There is enough Marvel drama in the history of the game to make a DVD box set. God dayum.


So blazinho ho ho wants it from the Antichrist Himself…

You think you know DramaBitch Please…lets take a look beyond the smoke and mirrors. You have Dsp the dick sucking pussy himself who got on the radio talking mad shit about me saying dark prince will put you through college…news flash buddy dark prince collected all of his money backgg. For the record Dsp is a pussy and Id fuck him up myself get at me. Blazin ho tryin to keep up with the west coast instigating beef between wigfall and Ibringing up atl this atl that. Like I really take shit in person anymore… They already know this seeing as how the situation between Ghengis and I went public. Blazin ho saying I wont say this or that to his face. The reality is your coming from Florida.I have a 2 hour drive to evo…I dont care if your 8 feet tall and weigh 400 pounds I have something for you and it wont be a knife. Wigfall being the only one on the radio that I could see where hes coming from so if he wants it like that so be it…You think you have balls.? Your talking to a guy who literally sold his fucking soul.get on my level ho.


Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooah! Shit’s going DOWN in this topic!




I hate Marvel drama.


you realize how dumb you all sound? now threats? cant believe how moronic you all get on this shit. im all for rivalry, but when you start making personal insults and threats, its showing how immature you are, and you got problems.

grow up


i dont want to see these threads again