Duckie's Super Sexy Stick Modding Service (No more mail orders, but still modding at tournaments!)


Nothing to see here, move along!

2014 modding schedule:

March: Final Round
April: Texas Showdown
June: CEO
July: EVO (if invited again)

Easy Dual-Mod of PS3 TE?
[Sep 17, 2011] ARK IV - ~200 people, Feat. Marn, JWong, + More! AE/MvC3/+More! (Jacksonville, AR)

Hm Ducke BB for PS3 sounds interesting, and so does Fire Emblem.


You have nothing that interest me…hmmm Super Puzzle fighter turbo. I may have spoke to soon ;]


Which Fire Emblem? PM me your address if you’re interested.

Sorry, just sold it!


lol weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeak :tdown:to who ever bought it, youre a douchebag. GL on sales DRD.


Im the douchbag who bought it. I waited so long to own that game.


well you sir are a douchebag, J/K :lovin::lovin:


hahahaha lbc got played

good luck on your sales boss


Front Mission 3?



awesome price on ps3 blazblue… too bad i already have one


could you post a pic of Darkstalkers 3: Vampire Savior (Jap, Includes 4MB cart). I’m interested.


PM sent for ps3 blazblue & xbox beyond good & evil


Gaw, what a douche… :stuck_out_tongue:

(thanks for the purchase!)

PM Sent! Thanks!

Absolutely! I’m at work right now, so it’ll have to wait til my lunch break.

Thanks! PM Sent!


Hurry up and post up your dvd’s so I might profit from your poor financial situation by offering very low prices.


Hahaha, will do bud. I’ll likely put them up tonight.


payment sent =)


Updated shipping rules in original post.

FallingEdge, sonnywortzik: Your packages have been mailed!

Crap, I forgot to take a picture of this during my lunch break! I’ll try my best to get to this tonight when I add the DVDs.


How about them dvd’s?


damn i thought the title meant you had a literal ps1 system that was rare haha


Heh, sorry if I misled! ^^;

Sold a bunch of stuff already, but I still have lots left! And I know I said I’d post some DVDs, but I’m still trying to decide on a price that’d be worth selling them for when factoring in shipping costs.