Ducking Under Backwards Corkscrew Blow

Ducking Under Backwards Corkscrew Blow

I started doing this a while ago, but I rarely played Dudley. I picked Dudley up again lately, and it blew my mind how effective ducking under backwards corkscrew blow is. SO effective I’m going name it Backscrew Blow.

The motion is Dwn, Dwn Fwd, Fwd + Kick, Dwn, Dwn Bck, Bck + Punch.

Cross-up MK friendly Kens and Drill-kick Necros gets owned for FREE.

Just thought I share this with newer Dudley players so they can stick it in their game. Peace.

they are half circles :wink:

Its hcf+mk, qcb+p

Its easy and most people know about it, best to be done against chars without a good crossup, sometimes you get hit by the back Ken’s mk when you do it a tad too late, where someone without a crossup would still be hit by the super

you’re rite! half circles. my bad.

i’ve also done this without a hcb motion. if you do a regular Duck xx super but activate the super right as you’re under–not behind–your opponent, you’ll get redirected automatically. this happens to the Shotos when they do Shoryukens right as you’re going to the other side. Ryu’s Joudan also redirects automatically. in the corner, do a c. fierce x EX Tatsu -> Shinkuu -> EX Joudan -> short Joudan. right when your opponent is about to sail over your head after getting smacked by EX Joudan, do the short version as you would if your opponent was in front of you and Ryu will “magically” do the kick the other way :lol:.


its possible to do hcf+mk, qcf+p to activate super, but I rather do the hcf+k, qcb+p because you have more range to do it from, where a crossup cant hit you…

Plus, I find it just easier :wink:

Quick question about this, is the only way to do this using forward ducking? or can you use roundhouse or short? Well probably not short, but roundhouse?

you can use all of em yes

Its just better to do the Forward ducking cause it comes out faster.

Start Up:

i never heard of this…so what yall are sayin is if someone jumps over dudley and then you do the hcf/mk and hcb/p with dudley you’ll activate his super (cork. blow) and its a clean hit? sry if i sound completely lost.

Take Hugo for example. If he decides to super jump towards you with jumping HK, depending on the distance, you can do Ducking under him(effectively getting to his backside) while he’s still in the air and cancel into Corkscrew Blow. Depending on your timing, yes, you can get all 5 hits cleanly, I haven’t ever seen it trade.

man thats sick…i was practicing it in training and its works pretty well wit d rocket uppercut super…but when you do ducking, delay the cancel a lil bit for all 3 waves of d super to connect.

is this a fairly new discovered move? i havent been playin in a while so i feel so far behind…

i dont think this is a new one at all… ive seen it around for a while… its basically the same thing as an AA super but ur just goin under the guy…

and i think this has been said somewhere before… that you dont have to change direction of the 2nd quarter circle to get the super out, just preform it as if the opponent was still in front of you

hcf+ k , qcf + p (although it technically becomes a qcb because he is behind you at that point) sorry im confusing haha

Is it possible to parry? Because in all match vids I have never seen it done.

It’d have to be done before superflash, since it would be point blank, and in the correct direction, which is easier said than done. If they are doing anything it’s not actually possible to parry, obviously.