Ducking under

I’m having difficulty utilizing the ducking under move when a projectile is thrown towards Dud. I need to know when is the right time to do it and should I use light kick, medium or hard? Also, can Dudley go under EX Projectiles or will he get hit?


usually, but not always, do the duck under right when the projectile’s about to be released, and usually, from at least 1/4th of the screen away from the opponent. The roundhouse duck under is probably the safest 'cause you can cancel into super without having to do the uppercut part, and it covers a greater distance, so it ensures you won’t whiff the super, or do minimal damage.

I dunno about using it against EX, i rarely try to use it against 'em. Vertical jump, or just block, i say.

Projectiles can be ducked under, do it right before it reaches Dudley

Same with ex fireballs, and u can also parry the first hit of the firball and the duch through using mk or lk… useful against akuma’s multi hit fireball

Yup. right before it hits Dudley. As his shoulders are lowering.

Can you duck under super fireballs or denjin? Or parry duck to duckunder denjin?

yea to duck under projectiles you have to make him duck so he dodges it when he is at his lowest. and yes you can parry to duck. i did it a few times but it takes practice to do. dudleys bobing and weaving is really great for faking out and traveling long distances. practice it well and u can be a great dudley user.

I know you can’t duck under denjin, pretty sure you can’t duck under superfire ball either

i see people ducking under jumping opponents and doing sa3 behind them in the air. Does anyone know if you do the regular motion as if you were on the initial side (i.e. if you were on the left, qcb + k, qcf,qcf+p or qcb +k, qcb, qcb +p)

I’ve seen Fujiwara do wakeup ducking, which went underneath a jumping-in Ken, into rocket upper and it hit from the other side.

Just something to keep in mind…


Ducking under is something that I’m starting to use MORE often now. I usually stand there like an idiot whenever someone jumps in towards me. At least with ducking under I get more space between myself and the opponent. Then there is that ducking under xx super thing that works well.:smiley:

option select parry to chain combo as anti air works :smiley:

This an old but useful technique involving ducking…
The super automatically changes side for you so you don’t need to worry about inputting the super the other way ^^"

This is similar to another technique when you use s.rh(or as an antiair. Once it becomes predictable for the opponent its a really good bait move…

Heres how it goes
s.rh(or> as soon as they parry xx blank ducking to cross under them and xxsuper.

Does that really work? After they parry do a ducking under xx SA1 or SA3? I gotta try that sometime.


it always works
didnt you see me do it at the tourney? haha =]



regarding ducking after parrying say, the 1st hit of a 2 or 3 hit projectile, i’m not sure if that’s possible 'cuz Dudley isn’t invincible @ the start-up of the move. theoretically, it’d be a great thing to do, but the spacing of the hits of whatever multi-hit projectile seems a tad too tight for the ducking move to get under. i’ll give it a try next time i play.

Yes it does work


i’ll definitely give that a try then.

I was messing around with resets and I found a neat one. If you hit a jumping opponent with a jumping jab or short (short worked best for me) you can duck under them and super from the other side. It wasn’t too consistent so I’m thinking you have to be on the way up or they do or something.

I know resets are stupid but it’s good to know all of your options. Another good reset is jumping fierce, rh duck xx Corkscrew blow.

Also, if you mess up a jab mgb juggle in the corner you can throw a corkscrew blow really quick and it will catch them. I think you can do a s.strongxxcorkscrew too, but my motor skills ran out.

Maybe this stuff is common knowledge, but I just learned it, so there you go.


s’all good, buddy :D.

although you might wanna refrain from ending certain juggle combos with a super, reset or not because the damage isn’t worth eating up 1 bar.

the jumping fierce -> duck xx super sounds ok, but more experienced players will be able to see it coming. but yeah, a li’l bit of everything never did any harm :D.