Ducktales New Series First Art Revealed!

Checked around before I posted this as well. And it’s legit!!! So so so so happy right now!

Hm. I like what I see. I hope to see more.

Gonna have a lot of “random” humor a la Teen Titans GO!

Huey, Duey, and Louie will have Smart Guy, Heart, and Dumb Muscle stereotypical personalities, and Webby will be a Mary-Sue to cater to faux feminist bullshit in order to pander. Scrooge will have none of his heart and just be a greedy Mr. Crabs-esque character. Donald will be the butt monkey always getting shitted on.

Oh, and the animation and music will suck outside of the title sequence which will be a new age remix of the old-school DT theme to tug at nostalgia.

I have no faith in anything anymore.

Disney XD current toons ain’t bad compared to the garbage that’s popular on CN and Nick. I’m gonna keep in open mind on this one.

if it actually looks like that in motion, i’d watch for a while even if the characters and stories end up being shit. i like that old school style art mixed with new school colors and tech.

Serious question here. Why can’t you just either be happy about this? Or at least not the same old shitposting you do here? Is it even possible for people to do this anymore? Are we that bad now?

I get it. I know how things are with video games, cartoons, etc now with all the pc bs. But damn. Can we enjoy ANYTHING anymore without all the typical bullshit? I just found two of my old Ducktales vhs tapes I still have. This made me so happy and means the world to me. I know not everyone will feel the same way. But can people at least respect there trying to do these things now? And not pass so much early judgement on this? Po are you posts just for attention? Just what is it with you? It’s something I can see. Just don’t know what the real reason for all this is. And as for me. Things like this I’ve loved since the 80’s. I’m 34. One of the things in life that mean a ton to me. It isn’t just because oh hey this was made in my childhood. The music is great to me. The show even what you can learn from it today is great. Stuff we learned from these shows back then we can learn or re learn to this today and forever.

  1. I am not allowing myself to be hype in the event that my fear of it being shit comes to pass.

  2. Shit-posting? You obviously don’t visit the SFV forums… This is tame.

  3. The original DuckTales is one of the greatest animated series of all time. This show not only has to compete with that gold standard, but it is a modern cartoon in this current climate of “offense” culture. I am only making guesses based on that bit of concept art, and I’m the first to admit(and hope) that I am wrong… But we’ve all been down this road enough times that I just don’t have it in me to trust modern-day animation studios to not dumb this shit down and pander like nearly every other show out there.

I’ve said my piece, and I won’t darken this thread with negativity until it airs, but if I’m at least 75% correct, I will return to say, "I warned you not to get too excited."

Only thing Po gets excited about is telling people how he misses having actual taste in everything.

Webby looks nice.

I don’t visit the SFV forums much. It’s still in beta.

Disney has been stepping it up in their shows. I’m staying positive.

glad they included Donald but I’m pretty sure he is going to consistently get shitted on, either him or launchpad

I wonder who’ll be doing Scrooge’s voice. They’re gonna have a hard time topping Alan Young.

Alan Young was also Wilbur in Mr. Ed. Amazing when you find out things like this.

outside of teen titans go…whats crap on cn? they got alot of great shows goin on

Well seeing as gravity falls and kirby buckets and the other disneyxd originals are stellar work

I am good with this

I like the water colour art direction reminds me of classic Pink Panther :tup:

Life is like a hurricane

Loving the art style. Reminds me of those old classic Carl Barks duck stories.

New Webby cute as hell…

…there is gonna be SO much rule 34 art of her once pics of her without windblown head-feathers surface. :sad: smh

No full CGI animation.

That’s all what I asked.