DucSet/Dipset Team MM Mvc2

Ok the BT link is still up for those of you who started DLing this file with BT. Preppy has added the vid to his site ( Thanks Dude)


the thing about yousendit is that after a certain amount of d/ls the link dies. g/l though.

d/ls the vid

It’s…ALREADY down. =[

I wanna see. :sad:

damn. =[[[[[[[ use rapidshare or megaupload.com =]

what happened to that bt link?


Awesome AV!

The problem with yousendit is some random faggot will come around and hit the Block link and your upload is wasted, also it expires after too many d/ls. Some jerk already blocked the file.

Dear God,

Why does MegaUpload.com hate me?

Yours truly,

Please post a bittorrent file. Download isnt working for me.


I’m seeding right now…only uploading 110kbs though. Takes about 55 minutes for the file to get to you at that speed. Guess it is better than nothing. Preppy where are you? LOL

had to watch this with the volume all the way down cause i didnt want to hear that faggot commentary


Damn, west coast hates east coast pretty bad, if you listen to the commentary.

How’s the BT speed guys? Those of you who are seeding this thanks a lot. I really appreciate it. I’m sure others do too.

actually, we love ec

=D <3… :blush:

if anyone else can help seeding i’d appreciate it =)