Ducvader and Soo Mighty....Dark Prince and Erik Smooth Viper want the fade

After DP and Erik get done beating on each other, they challenge Ducvader and Soo mighty to a 2 on 2…$500 a person. First to 7 last man standing. This will be official when they accept. They asked me to post because neither DP or Erik has an account currently.

Why did Erik get banned?

this smells like bs, dp and erik teaming together

this is real, confirmed by mrclips himself.

in his words:

“why not? we goin against two gods right? we beat them theyre done!”
(a few grammatical errors not withstanding…)

anyway unexpected to say the least

It’s like that time Eminem did a duet with Elton John.

HHH and the rock is teaming up…whoa shit.

hahaha, dark prince confirms if erik is down, he’s down…

Get em’ Mr. Clips.

hmmmm still no word…

$50 on Soo and Duc.

Dark Prince is the heir to licking anus.

I’ll take that bet, but in the near future try shitting on something more on your level…like a monkey or small mammal of some sort.

Biggzy actually betting on Soo? Who the fuck is this posting?

lol I was gonna say that damn you beat me to it

KillerKai: Yeah, I mean free money is free money ya know. Plus I actually think Soo is pretty straight now. I’ve read some of his recent posts and hes not cocky anymore and he gives people the props they deserve. And I think he gave up his spot for the 5 on 5 which was dope of him.

MortDesArtistes: That’s too easy to respond to…lol

Dude you need to stop sleeping on dp and erik alex.

No ones sleeping on Erik

Smoothviper is too strong

This is what Dark Prince wants…http://youtube.com/watch?v=RqhCddD2NHY I will have it.

C’mon free money

I can’t speak for soo and I believe Smoothviper wants soo himself and you want me. I’ll play DPC 1 on 1 - bet it.