Ducvader VS Fanatiq MM

well, just got off the phone with duc. fanatiq said he wanted to play duc so this is whats set so far. ducvader agrees, ft10, regency arcade. must be at least $300 on fanatiq’s side covered by trustworthy people. duc and fanatiq please post up to agree to terms so we can get this poppin. after this match, if time permits, ducvader vs finesse PART2!!! lets get hype people.

i might back fanatiq the $300


Too nice.

who won between duc vs finesse?any vids?duc vs fanatiq gonna be good!

wattup watson, good seeing you guys last time at van nuys, you should post the potter/soomighty money match going on today too.

2nd, i’m not sure if loren will take the match unless it’s console, cuz he’s a pad player, and i don’t think he likes to play sticks, (although he plays sticks at FFA), maybe you should do it on console tho

there’s a thread somewhere here about it…

duc won 7-5, no vids

and yes, duc vs fanatiq should be pretty good


Can someone record and upload this?

Is this really going down???

Can you post up were this is actually going down…I would like to be there for this.

PM soomighty, not sure if they want a big crowd

duc vs fanatiq, hit me up fanatiq or someone who can contact fanatiq. console is fine. i got a spot to play at. so get at me soon, dont waste the rare days duc is off from slave work!

Guess folks are just too broke nowadays - maybe next time when you guys can come up with the cash right off the bat when something like this can go on again. My next day off may be 20 days from now. Peace.

somebody pls contribute to the reset marijuana fund

i got 20 on duc

well you can’t expect a 1 day notice big money MM to go down every time, if your next day off is in 20 days, then propose the MM now so we can plan it out.

on another note…


stay tuned, we got 5 possible matches

where is this madness gonna go down and is it today

i wanna be there [with my scrubs on]!!!

dark prince beat soo 7-6 for a bill and also another dude like 10-5 or so


D.Prince continues to own, Told cats he on that grind, his winnings at final round were just a foot note.


NO MATCHES WERE RECORDED due to the last minute setup.

Dark Prince (scrub/thrax) beats Soo (thrax/msp/mss) FT7 7-6

a lot of high level play, best money match i’ve seen in a while. highlight moments are dark prince doing mp launch infinite on psylocke assist with CAPTAIN COMMANDO, and Soo snapping out an average of 5 times per match in the last few matches.

Dark Prince (msp/thrax/scrub) beats Raul a.k.a. Finesse Jr (mss/thrax)FT10 10-5

Raul never plays console and takes a quick 4-0 deficit. He gets used to the sticks and starts going crazy with Sentinel, but Dark Prince counterpicks and holds on to the lead.

Duc (mag/sent/capcom, scrub) (no spiral) beats GuyWongsta (combofiend, angel, msp, mip, mss) FT15 15-11

I thought Duc would suck if he didn’t have spiral…turns out…he’s still pretty good. hahahaha. some crazy comebacks on both sides with this one though.

Mike Ross and Raul a.k.a Finesse Jr did NOT go down
Duc and Raul a.k.a. Finesse Jr did NOT go down

Thanks for hosting Watson

lotta weak shit. people calling out people for MM’s and not being around… i can understand raul’s issues though. never playing on console is hard to adapt. still put up a good fight when he got a bit used to it. good games all. lets try to get some more matches going with some more money on the line next time. PZ