Ducvader's Last Minute MM Thread MVC2

Post up your name in here so I can look for you in vegas. :slight_smile: That is all lol - have fun at EVO yall.

Hey, totally off topic, but are you going to be entering the team tourney, and if so, what’s your team? There’s a lot of confusion about that.


Mod Powers ! ;D

Ummm… DV you lyed to me now your going to have to take ten shots patron and play some blackjack. you know who this is the cat with the low fro, stuna dropping, pill popin extrodinar.
See you Vegas!!! PM your Room number???

*Warning *

This is a Pyramid Scam…You will keep investing but you just cant seem to win:lovin:

So Dont Bite:rofl:

that’s so fucking wrong. lmao

Duc, I still hold to my challege from the other night on IRC…

3/5 for 500, I’ll show you the money if you don’t believe me.


…in AE!