Dude gets pwned by 11 year old girl


It’s in portuguese btw, the girl is playing as Cammy.

I’d play with that 11 year old all day.

and I’m not talking about in street fighter :smokin:

Portugal’s finest.

It’s Brazil.

Alright then.

How come I never get to play on a screen that big? and why was the crowd so excited, looks like some make-a-wish situation…except its not.

My 7 year old nephew would destroy both of them.

@ 1:58

low fierce into sweep? Oh man she’s gdlk.

Good to see that the flowchart knows no boundaries.

thats what he gets for being a dumb ass flowchart scrub

age is not connected to skill.

it doesnt matter old u are if ur good ur good 5 year olds can beat me,also when i go out and skateboard theres 7 year olds that are better then me

lol. I was laughing at his s jab/cr jab spam “zoning attempt”. I also liked how he messed up his super cancel.

battle of the flowcharts.

Somebody call da amberlamps

Ew. Pedo status yo.

He must of threw the match…

Another flowchart bites the dust.

wthek… is this supposed to be a tourney?! anyway it was fun watching the guy owned…

Would I be missing the joke if I said that he let her win?

I think he let her win, most likely

Maybe her uncle is Diego Umejuarez.