Dude...I need some serious inking tips

I bought all the sizes of the micron fine liners and I were using them on this pic here


I dunno why but I so f’ed up

here is the final product

I think my problem is that I dont know when to use a certain size for a certain situation.

Im not the best Inker in the world but…

The way I ink is done by the way I draw. Its like everything I would have done in pencil I would do it in ink. If that makes sense… Here is an example.

recommendations - draw in pencil, put another piece of paper over the pencil drawing and ink that to preserve your pencil art. that way if something goes awry you can still do it over.

before you start inking, practise with the pens so you have better control over them. Angle of holding the pen, pressure applied, etc affect how the strokes come out. You should be able to go from thick to thin in one stroke. Varied line thicknesses make a pic look better, imho.

Some people ink everything in one line thickness, and then emphasize the outline with a darker stroke. This can be nice if done well… lineart must be crisp and defined to do this.

Learn to use shadows judiciously - don’t black out whole areas or add detail unnecessarily. Always understand why you’re adding the shadows. Might be easier to ink the whole pic first and then add shadows later if you’re not used to visualizing the pic first. (Ideally, you should visualize the pic first, imho)

hope this helps.

i would seriously work on drawing. why are you so concerned about inking when your drawing porportions are all off. and i wouldnt look at deonysiosnesses inks because it show poor use or lights and shapes. a good inker knows light sources and line weight, and they can draw somewhat. anyways learn to draw and you’ll be able to draw with a sharpy and that will save you ink time.

Aw man, I thought I was helping out.

But sweet is right. There really isnt a true light source for my shawdows in my pic. I guess most of it would come from the lightning around Heihachi’s Arm. Im not an Inker, that was a pick that I happend to have inked and I thought it might help.

I am not too worried about my shodowing…its not my first concerned.

I did fix the proportions of my alex…that is an older scan before I did some eraser work and all. It just that when I ink, it looks wrong…seriously, I forgot to ink in a thumb on the hand holding the knife…

im not saying im the best inker, but i know kinda what im doing. took me alot of tried b4 i could get it clean tho. line weight shmine weights. why go out and by some expensive pens when i can do THIS with a standard writing pen.