Dude, someone please help me fight an obscene turtling boxer

I’ve got no clue in this match. The boxer will LITERALLY just sit there and spam c.lp.

Cant jumpin attack > eat HB,
cant empty jump > still eat HB
cant walk fw > sweep or dash punch
Cant GH > he’s blocking duh
Cant get close enough to start a poke war > cr lp stuffs it if i haven’t eaten a dash punch already

Any advise??

mash taunt usually gets me some good counters

turtle him back


And if all else fails keep playing the guy.

You can throw boxer right out of a dash punch. If he’s predictably throwing that out when you walk forward, bait it and jab SPD.

bulldogging is best to start. what bulldogging means is to crouching block, walk forward a little, repeat. do this to get close to Balrog. the Balrog player will often use crouching roundhouse so be careful. try to get close enough that you’re blocking his pokes, or his pokes are barely whiffing.

while you’re bulldogging some balrogs may get impatient and try the dashing overhead special. you’ll have to react and block high. i’ve seen a few Balrogs switch it up and go for the LOW dashing special so pay attention to which one it is. either way, block and SPD (jab version).

try to challenge Balrog’s pokes with your own. at best you will trade hits with him. if he’s spamming crouching lp, your own crouching lp will usually trade or beat it. if he uses crouching roundhouse, use your own cr.HK, df.HK, c.mk to beat or trade. you can use any green hand too.

watch for openings where Balrog drops his charge. if he’s standing up or walking, he has no headbutt! if he’s walking forward or standing still, he has no dash punch charge. you can be a little more aggressive now and jump in, or try to get close with Gief’s forward motion normals (cr.HK, df.HK, c.mk, or HK) since he can’t punish them with dash punches

if you get the life lead, just turtle him! he’ll have no choice but to come at you. that’s a huge advantage for you.

alternatively, you can turtle to begin with.

Decent Balrogs rarely use overhead rush punch, because it’s easy to block and punish. Same goes for plain rush upper. If you’re playing against newbies who spam rush punches (like myself), you can just use EX-Flying Powerbomb to absorb that hit and then throw them (if your reactions are not accurate enough).

Using lariat when there’s distance between the two players is just asking for an ex rush upper that leads to decent damage.

Short jump when balrog can’t headbutt to bait cr.HP and then SPD. Also, when balrog whiffs cr. RH and you are at the edge of his hit box you can walk forward and throw a st. MP at close range before Balrog can try for another cr. RH. If he blocks this every time just take one more step and SPD instead. KKK Lariat beats cr. RH if he abuses it too much and a really far st. MP makes a great poke against it. In the end this is a 5-5 if Balrog knows what he is doing.

Uh, focus attacks and jumping lp is your friend. I’ve fought some of the most annoying turtling boxers and never had a problem. The problem with most turtling boxers is they can’t withstand pressure once you break in their zone.