Dude: Teach me

I’m trying to learn new Marvel stuff like unfly which just seems so wrong when you look at it. CVS2 is next in line, and then King of Fighters. 3rd Strike is on a to be continued basis. Who’s got the info on how or site on where to learn everything one might need to know.:wink:

i hear tell of a site called srk

im not sure how youd go about finding it though

this thread fails. at everything.

:wink: = troll bait, but I’ll bite:

You can start by letting people know where you play.

People who can’t even search such information on their own require someone to teach them in person.

They require a helmet and diaper.

You push the button, and then your dude hits the other dude. That’s pretty much the gist of it. For Third Strike, also tap forward a lot.

That sounds about right doesn’t. I already got a few people training me with Marvel and CVS2 like Tornado Flame. I guess I’ll make sure to keep pressing buttons and moving forward, huh.

TF is teaching you Marvel go to the next c3 event i will show you lil bit that i know flame knows me we had a few back n forth matches in marvel

Hey Kyle Pm me yours and Sam’s cell # and your SN so I can hook you up with some cvs goodies