Dude? Where's my Dudes? : The Male Character Thread




I would like to use this thread as a place to discuss speculative male characters that may enter the Skullgirls series. Since we basically confirmation that there will be guys as DLC, what do you think they’ll be like and what playstyles do you want the male characters to possess?

As for myself I would like to have a male character who possesses a sort of hit and run teleport/speed game. (I personally don’t like heavy characters and it would be dull if every male was beefy hard-hitter. But so far one of the speculative DLC characters is looking that way.)

Hmm Big Band looks interesting though. I definitely see him as a dormmamu-like keepaway character. But Panzerfaust screams Sentinel wannabe. That arm cannon will be an annoyance to deal with and his brute strength will probably allow him to team-sweep.

Anyway, lets discuss

Should there be a thread for speculative black characters?

Well if it’s a black male then we could discuss him here. Hopefully we’ll see an occurrence since i am an African American male as well.

I want http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OC5juFfFGM as DLc “male”

Tankfist name is Panzerfaust I think?

Just for reference the characters in the picture are Big Band, Le Duc, and Panzerfaust respectively. IIRC Le Duc deals with sending electric volts to the brain and is named after a symptom of cattle prodding. There is also another suspected Male DLC character that I’ve only seen info for and no art yet called Beowulf. His info describes him as an ex-wrestler who wields a folding chair he calls “The Hurting”.
Panzerfaust, Big Band, and Beowulf are currently my most wanted characters.

I like Big Band, and Panzerfaust is growing on me. But I hope Skullgirls doesn’t have a brute force playstyle for every male character. Thats my only concern

Hmm, it’s strange how I didn’t notice it before but PF’s tank’s canon is turned out from the “punch direction” which means he probably will fire the canon to make his punches reactive for extra dmg or even to travel on the ground. Like Buster Wolf. I like Buster Wolves :smiley:

I think your on to something Saint, He’ll probably use the cannon for that OR perhaps as an extra mobility boost (Rocket punch dashes?)

YARR!!! That’s bustah woolvz for me! =]

Am I the only person who wants a playable Egret (Parasoul) Soilder? That would be kick ass.

A Chipp-esque character would be awesome… although Valentine may fill that role…Gotta love ninjas in general! Also another zoner with a twist would be refreshing ~

EDIT: Someone should make a thread to discuss possible character playstyles. Would be fun :slight_smile:

Well we would essentially getting that in Panzerfaust, he’s just had a few extra steroids pumped into him than your average Egret grunt. The normal guys are just a bit average for a standalone character, at least in terms of aesthetics.

You know they could make a renegade Egret. Like someone who wants to overthrow Parasoul.

I see him as being like Red Skull from the Captain America series

The game is called Skull Girls. And to credit, this game has done an amazing job of not making a loli-fighter despite having an entirely female cast. The girls are unique, some gross, some classic, but definitely not an overall cliche looking cast of characters like Arcana Hearts (and I like that game, but let’s be honest).

As for African characters, I don’t see any harm, but I don’t think they should go out of their way. If they have a character design in mind, and it happens to turn out that way, great. But if they go out of their way just to do it, that’s a waste, just like it would be if they went out of their way for any race. I’m liking these psycho girls that don’t really show a race. Ms Fortune is AMAZING. Painwheel could have been any race, as her face doesn’t show. If they do put an African girl in, though, I hope she looks like Elena, because she’s beautiful.

Again onto the male topic, at first I was really bothered by having no males, and the first two character reveals didn’t change that feeling. But after seeing Ms Fortune in action, and the reveal of Painwheel, I’m starting to feel like it won’t be another loli-fighter design.

With the shading,pallet,animation in this game he would have to have an afro just to be able to tell he was black so whats the point?

If your saying having a char with a large afro ala

I’ll sign that shit.

keep in mind they already said there are going to be some race palletes for all the characters (i’m pretty sure i read that somewhere)

not the same but it’s at least a nod to people who are into playing latino/latina versions of everybody (like meeee)

mysticray: im pretty sure only girls can use the skullheart sorry.

also about characters, all characters have the same amount of health and defense, so you cant really have glass cannon type characters in this game. to the best of my knowledge mike is not planning on changing this either. the real trade off seems to be mobility for damage (see cerebella).

as far as panzerfaust, i see him a lot like a juggernaut character (you guys do know that mike played juggs in mvc2, right?) i could see the tank either being used as a burst knuckle type thing or as a projectile a la nemesis in umvc3. (a big slow character with a big slow projectile)

big-band (or detective sax-man which i think is a way cooler name) probably use sound, i can see him as a zoner, but i could see him as anything.

le duc: with his size, bound to be a fast rush down character… but who knows!

Panzerfaust +1

I also hope he uses the reverse pointing cannon for mobility/dash-punches, but also that it can swing round for extended melee reach :smiley:

Oh for my character idea his ending would be it wouldn’t work because he’s a dude XD. But anyway that’s truly a bummer if the characters have all the same health. This will sadly make some characters OP regardless of intention.