Dude with 2 swords

advice please…

man i havent been here in a while here is one drawing i did… hope you like it…

it really doesnt feel like attaching… lol

ok what is up with this it will not attach… hmmmmm does any one here know how to post up pics?, because ive been trying and it aint working.

Make sure your attachment is less than 100kb.

kk itz 43.8 kb… here we go… thx yo


Thats some fancy looking penciling you got going on there. His face dosent belong with the rest of the pic though. Not to say its bad, it just dosent set right with the rest of the pic.

thx, i used a black ball point ink pen for the details. still working on my hand. the face does not match the body, i know… lol. on the back of that drawing is an english test… lol. didnt really think i would finish it when i started it… peace

Pretty good. I like the crosshatching and shading techniques. The head doesnt seem like it goes with the rest of the body maybe because the proportions are off. The guys head looks a little to big, and his neck needs to be shortened. Other than that its good. I really like the way you rendered the swords and armor.

thx, crosshatching is my fav… peace

:slight_smile: Looks like something that popped out of EverQuest.

:lol: funniest shit i’ve seen in a looong time!

lol Sweet glad to have made you laugh… lol

I like it, the shading on the armor and swords looks great. I like the design of the armor also, my pics are always too small to get very detailed in the clothing design.