Dudes runs into a wall..... blame it on black people


I’m just leave this here…



Guy was skate boarding… hits a wall. Told police he got jumped by… you guessed it black people.


lol who tries to rob a skateboarder…they dont got mad money on them.



He obviously got left on hold for too long.


Watching dumb asses face plant themselves into oblivion NEVER gets old! :rofl:

Oh yeah… his false racial accusations are an outrage. :coffee:


Glad they found out he was fibbin’


Well, if black people don’t want to be the subject of everybody’s terrified delusions, they should stop being so big and scary.
Where all the cuddly niggas at?


They wanna cuddle your ass


Social Engineering!


blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol


Unless it’s Tony Hawk. :lol:


or paul rodriguez.


Someone must have turned on Dieminion Mode while he was skateboarding, that was clearly the reason.


for once its not black folks blaming white folks for their problems.


Nope just your standard piece of shit blaming random fake crimes on minorities. I guess we should all be thankful that he didn’t drown his children in car. You know, like all those other pieces of shit that have everything handed to them but still find time to be douche bags on the internet and irl.


I bet you a black guy made that wall


i for one would like to thank all the black people that helped make this video through thievery and gang violence



I want to see a NMA version of this story.

If you don’t know who NMA is, YouTube it.

EDIT: I find it funny that it’s “logical” to blame black people when you’re confused.


I guess you could say this story was off the wall…



I’m guessing the thought process behind that would be white= he has money.


Antwaun Dixon would fuck a nigga up