Dudley: A Distinguished Thread for Gentlemen Pugilists

A thread for the gentlemanly boxer users who know that To win with prestige and glory is a sensation like no other.





Thanks for Logan Sama for the information he’s given us so far.

This is both new AND interesting!

Broken in 3S?

This wasn’t the title we all agreed on…and as much as i want this thread in existence, it’s still not “official”

he’s not broken per se, but he’s arguably the 3rd best character with the best oki out of all the characters.

who are the “we” that agreed, and i can change it to what you guys want anyways if it’s that serious

Dudley was good but he wasnt top tier like Ken, Yun and Chun li…

in the final japanese tier list he was placed above ken for the 3rd spot

Just a bunch of us in the sticky threads. one of the ones thrown around was “Dudley: A Distinguished Thread for Gentlemen Pugilists.” It’s ultimately up to you though. I don’t mind either way. =)

Dr. Strangelove references are always cool. haha

lol well if the outcry becomes too great i will not stand in the way

I can take that. =)

Anyways, i’m curious to see how his corner game turns out. Also, i cannot wait to see some sort of gameplay so we can figure out what exactly they’ll nerf for the current builds apparent “top tier” dudley. Til next week and beyond it’s all good hearted speculation.

The Dudley thread or “Target Combos in SF4 are still a total waste of time”


wow, that means the final three slots are: dudley, ibuki and hakan.

his rocket uppercut super is sure similar to sagat’s default ultra.

I don’t know much about Dudley from 3S but a boxer character that isn’t a charge character (from what I hear) sounds pretty fun. Damn, like honestly… SSF4 is gunna be so hype. I’m calling in sick that day at work without a doubt.

fear not for i have updated the thread with some basic knowledge about previous installments of dudley

Reminds me of back in the day


Dudley isnt broken in 3s.

Anyways, this is awesome. I really can not wait to see video and info on this SF4 build. Im so maining him too.

I’d still find it kinda funny if after all this hype for Dudley Capcom’s big 3S reveal turns out to be, say, Sean instead. (Or Q. I could live with Q. :smiley: )

I mean, I like Dudley and all, but if Capcom had the balls to do it, I’d laugh for days. And then I’d go back to waiting for more word on Vega and Cody.

No more SHOTOS!!!

Broken? Dudley is far from broken. Hell he used to be 5th on the tier poll and is COMPLETELY execution based.

ddudley owns. anyone who is not goign to main a dudley is probably a clown. cya