Dudley AE 2012 changes announced

The official AE v.2012 changes, taken from here.

• Standing Roundhouse counterhit is now +7
• Air Jab can now cross up
• Air Fierce is active for 7 frames (1 longer than in AE)
• Focus Attack level 1 is -3 on hit or block
• Medium and Heavy Short Swing Blow are less vulnerable to low attacks
• Thunderbolt will now always complete if it hits and causes untechable knockdown, and the EX version will not flash on the way up
• The Rose is focus and super cancelable
• Ultra 1 Rolling Thunder will connect fully on aerial opponents


It’s already being discussed in 2 topics.

/close thread.



for his defense I must say the thread names for the discussion weren’t the most obvious ones :slight_smile:


I’ve been lurking the other forums to see those characters changes. They stuck the changes into the wishlist thread.

All in all, the consensus seems to be that the changes/buffs aren’t significant enough and Dudley may still be mid-low tier.

I’m not a Dudley player but I’ve been thinking about picking him up. I’m interested to see if these changes help him enough to make him a strong contender.