Dudley: Anti-airs

I find that it is fairly easy for people to air-parry Dudley’s Jet Uppercuts.

So I worked on a new way to counter jumpers that like to air parry anti-air attacks using the s.LP , s. MP , s.MK chain.

When they jump in anticipating to parry a Jet Upper, give them the chain combo as anti-air. If they parry all three hits of the chain, you can 2-n-1 the last hit of the chain into any of these moves:

EX Cross Counter-when opponent air attacks
Short Swing Blow-when opponent tries to land and throw
Command Dash-ducks under opponent;sets up a throw, sweep, auto-direct SA cancel or overhead>SAIII link.

Keep in mind that if you anticipate a parry when the person jumps
in you can always throw, keeping the above strategy fresh and new in mix-ups. Mix up those 2-n-1s as well.

Does anybody know any other good anti-air tricks with Dudley?


  • an ‘early’ c.hp is really good cause it mucks up timings. If they parried your ‘early’ c.hp, it’s recovery is fast enough for you to block(or parry) any of their counters.

-s.hp itself is decent antiair and if it trades, it usually goes towards your favour

-s.hk:if they parry it, then go straight into:
| - rocketuppercut
| - super
| - do a mk.ducking to crossunder and do a super from the otherside before they land
| - l.mgb

-s.mp comes out in 4 frames which is really fast and usually gives you a lot of recovery even if they parry it:
|- it can also be linked to s.mk if they parry it
|- if they parry s.mp and go in for the throw, you can do a short swing blow

I personally don’t like to use crosscounter as an antiair, its something only noobs/scrubs would fall or one of those moves you use 1/100games.
Why cross counter when you can just parry then do a high damage combo on them?

a good anti air to parry happy peeps is to let them jump in on you. do a standing med punch, if they parry it, bust the sway forward move with lk, the half circle forward and lk

youll end up on the other side and if you cancel the half circle forward with another and a super itll cross them up

so they;ll jump in, you do mp, sway under them and cancel the sway in the same direction you did the sway into super: preferrably corkscrew

i cant say that i made it up myself, you guys can thank vic from SoCal, cuz he showed me it personally



Sometimes if you do a j.MGB at the right moment, the last hit will pop them up back way high into the air when they jump in, setting up a juggle.

I got anti-aired like this before and got caught with this combo:

j.MGBx4>MK Ducking UppercutxxSAI-all in mid-screen.

This is risky, but the reward pays of.


wow, what about whiffing? :smiley:
I was trying this out last night against people at CGL who were using Ken. basically, around the start of the jump, give or take a few frames, throw out an s.fierce, they’ll anticipate it and try to parry, but you can’t 'cause you recover just in time. If they’re still in the air after you’ve recovered, hit 'em with super: in this case, and probably only this case, rocket upper is preferred, because a CS blow is still relatively easy to parry at this point, but the rocket uppercut starts lower than the CS blow, making it much harder to parry.

the chain idea was nice, i’ve been doing something like that for some time. What i do is, if i know they’re going to parry and not hit an attack button at any time is to do s.short, s.forward. the timing’s pretty fast, and, it can reset. if both are parried, you have enough time to throw 'cause they’re landing. When you’re doing the command for the throw, though, it’s a good idea to do two QCF motions during. Only because, if it’s teched, most people get ansy and want to hit you. If you’re already buffering the QCFs, then, once they attack after teching, you’re already in the startup for super. CS blow is perfect for this: if they don’t block and attack, they eat super. If they do block, you’ll be left far enough to block most counterattacks (if you’re up against a chun/ken user with meter: pray).

also, abuse c.strong. Depending on how far away they are, a c.strong can be a saving grace. if they parry the c.strong, do super immediately. The timing throws most people off, and if they do manage to parry,t hey still have to land to hit you hard considering 8 out of 10 times they’re’s not enough time for them to throw out an s.forward/s.roundhouse to combo into anything.

hope that helps

forward, roundhouse, fierce chain

bait opponent to parry standing strong xx forward ducking xx cs blow from other side

ex cross counter is too risky for me, i only do it if i see an air attack coming a mile away, such as an early attack or some idiot doing a jumping hurricane kick

dash backwards :confused: