Dudley at EVO2K3



Seems like a big debate in on of these threads about who is going to have the best Dudley come EVO time!!!

Is Apoc just bragging or is he for real? What about the Toronto players, will they be there?

I want No Mercy to be at EVO!!! I would go myself but I won’t be able to afford the trip.

And who are the best dudley players in Japan?



178 and Danna from Japan have pretty dope Dudleys.


Sheesh, a lil shit talk and then you say that the Japanese don’t own Dudley and now I’m bragging? K, heheh. Bragging on a game is aight:D

But yeah, isn’t it about time that Japan, USA, and Canada go heads up all at once? I would love to see the TO guys at MWC or Evo as well. All out brawl:) That might save us from a huge tourney with 90% Chun and Ken, lol.

Ppl say they master characters but…why they gotta switch to Ken or Chun when they’re getting owned if they have their shit mastered? Isn’t that kinda like saying that when the game is at a high level you must use those two or something? heheh

TO’s Dud’s are better than what I’ve seen in Japan as well. Japan may be the best at the game on the all around but they don’t own every character. That much is obvious.

Ima make em bow to the King of the boxers!

Too bad Dud AND Rog couldn’t be in SvC:(



Well the reason they don’t look as good in the vid is probably because they are fighting much tougher opponents than the TO guys.


I disagree with that statement. Japan is sick with every character in the game. When it comes to matchups, the japanese are the most well rounded players. Unfortunately everywhere else, its not like that, so if a character is owning in one region, its probably because nobody knows how to stop it…


I would have to agree with Vic, it’s been seen that the japanese are decent with every character…I saw that crazy ass 70-80% on Chun w/Necro, tried doing that combo for hours, only to successfully do it once in the whole time I did it

that’s a hard combo, but if you are really dedicated to one character, then you should go with what you feel most comfortable with

I tried using Yun, Ken and Chun at a time, but I felt more comfortable w/other characters
Dudley’s prolly my 2nd best, only cuz me and paul lee both decided one day that “hey, let’s learn Dudley”, and played him both for 2 weeks, making him prolly my 2nd best

I play in a very low key 3rd strike arcade, making it very motivating to play other characters because all I get is chuns and kens and yuns…trying to learn Urien now, picking up Ibuki as well, play also Yang, Alex, Ryu and Hugo with sometimes Q and Remy

I actually prefer Yang over Yun even though Yun is considered better as an overall character, just because I feel more comfortable with him

I don’t even know if I should be posting this, as I’m not really considered a “top player” in the game, only getting lucky in a few instances (means I should play more, or try and beat random ken/chun scrubs with shitty chars like sean and remy)

Just a side note, I’ve once lost 20-30 straight to a Sean player that was pretty decent (at Family Fun)


btw, Apoc…

How good is your Dudley? Last time I saw you play was at Evo in casual downstairs in the X-scape…

I hope to play you at this years Evo (hopefully)
I’ve always yearned to play peeps better than me, but would like to get to know what the usual skill level is in your area…for example, what kind of comp do you get? I think I’ve seen you win a tourney on the Apex charts one time, but that was Seattle?!? (not sure don’t remember)


Who knows? We’ll have to see. When I played at escape I didn’t know 3s Dudley yet. I was just bootlegging what I’ve kept from 2i years ago.

The comp here is good. One guy here just got back a bit ago from playing in Japan for 3 months straight. KSK is gonna stay with him before Evo so I’ll be able to measure myself against him if Seattle isn’t enough. If he ownz me, I’ll tell yall I suck. I don’t have a problem being honest, heheh. But I found a few vids of 178 and he’s great. Still, there’s waaay too much room for improvement for him to be the best Dudley there. But I’m very critical. I mean no disrespect.

I suppose many may just say I’m arrogant as always. However, I’ve been playing long enough to know that I can trust my own assessments. Perhaps I just haven’t been exposed to the vids that are out there because I didn’t care too much about 3s until everyone else did, admittedly. Not that I don’t have a blast playing. But without Dudley, I prolly wouldn’t, heheh.

I’m hoping to somehow make top 8 at Evo without offering my soul to the devil. MWC is just exposure to get experience for Evo. It’s my big practice tourney, a rehearsal, if you will. I’m only looking for top 10%. So if there are 100 ppl in 3s at mwc I’ll be satisfied with top 10 as long as I only used Dudley all the way through. I mainly want to test my abilities in what I perceive to be his weak match-ups. I actually would like to do it with one super. If I absolutely need both corkscrew and rocket, I’ll be disappointed. Either way, I have enough to work on things I can’t do 100% on as soon as I can get a stick, heheh. Then I’ll probably be a monster:evil:

Hey, I think I’m good enough to face Japanese players right now. But I’m only about 65% of where I intend to be come Evo. I take my time with my progression. I just can’t go long stretches of playing without breaks anymore. This week is a break for me actually, heheh. But I’m babbling…

At worst, ppl can all get a big laugh if I get my ass kicked. I don’t know what it is but, a lot of times it seems like ppl want me to get owned. I guess I come off like an asshole in text or something:bluu:



While I do not speak for the TO players, I know that some of them are in Canada on student VISAs and are not allowed to go to America. I know one guy is done with his studies and is back in Hong Kong. Many of them have stopped playing 3S entirely. Also, cost is a huge issue as it is really expensive to fly to LA from Toronto (Canadian airlines suck major donkey balls).
So unfortunately, the possiblity of the so-called “elite” TO Dudley players coming to EVO is slim.
Again, I DO NOT speak for them, this is just information that I’ve heard from talking to people, so please don’t accept it as gospel.

I personally am going to try to make it to EVO this year. I’m not much of a Dudley player, but I’ll see what I can do to make an impression :smiley:

for those of you looking to get a taste of TO 3S action, stay tuned for an announcement. :wink:


Yeah, as much as a lot of the TO players wanna hit MWC, it’s just not happening. Last year Chicago was doable, cheap to get there, cheap to stay, so we went. Now it moves to Omaha so for most TO players, it’s cost-prohibitive. A flight averages $350, plus accomodations and spending money, you’re looking at close to $600 for one weekend. For anyone working full-time, it’s not really an issue, but for anyone else it’s tough.

That said, Apoc’s point about being a master Dudley or whoever player and then needing to switch to someone to beat Chun is pretty valid. I will say that at NEC last year, most of the people stuck with their characters. AneurysmX stuck with Dudley when he faced Ino and those were probably the most entertaining matches of the whole tourney. I don’t think anyone had the mentality that they needed to switch to Ken or Chun to beat someone.


Do you know if any of the TO players are going? We need some Canadian representation down there.


TO went to MWC last year? I didn’t know that…


Paul you’re a goof :stuck_out_tongue: You and some of RUN crew played and shared beers in the TO room at the Red Roof last year.


I feel in my IMO that when it comes to a player and his character. It is all about how much you have learned with that character. As Apoc and a few others have stated how much you have mastered the character. Lets look at an example: Duc Do brought out Spiral a few years back and showed the nation how she should be played. a few weeks later everyone wanted to play her. Now who is the master Duc a guy that has played her for a few years or a noob that watch a vid and got one combo off. In regular play its easy to pull off a combo you saw a one of the top players do. In tourney play the fundamentals are a lot different. What happens when you play spiral and i use spiral have you learn all there is to learn about her of course not. Most players pick up characters that they saw someone win with:lol: Instead of using a character that best describes their game

So at this years Evo i believe you are going to see some great stuff. The Canada players of course will bring their excellent 3s game, but so will the Japanese players. The Japanese players are of course on another Level, but i think the American players can win. So Evo will have some very interesting SHIT. Like will Justin Wong be Dethrone this Year. If that happens Who is the new King Of MVC2? Will Jason Cole beat ass again in ST? What will the Japanese players bring for this years EVo? Me myself i think this yeats Evo will be off the chain:lol:

As Apoc Said at B4"Be prepared for anything"


I’ll have the best Dudley come EVO time.:evil:

NOT!!! But I hope to have a pretty good one.


I think this is the right place for this…Apoc, I heard you put on a show with Dudley at SVGL this past weeend. Hung, and Cole were saying how you had a really nasty juggle combo with a lot of uppercuts. I was just wondering what those juggles were, or, what exactl you were doing to wow the socal people. Oh yeah, did anybody get it on video?






Yea Yoo’s DuD is good apoc DuD is mad quick I don’t know who has the best dud.:fury:


omg, japanese dudleys own all of you for free… :o


Vic Vance has the best dudley EASILY :mad: