Dudley buffering help

Hi. I know this must be a enormous noob question. I tried googling and youtube and forums but didn’t quite get what I want (maybe I am missing something), so thanks ahead of time for bearing with me.

For some reason I have my eyes locked on Dudley and even though I am on a loosing streak, I just keep using him. I am on my 106 wins now which I am kinda proud of (even though it’s probably nothing). I just reach a wall, and upon checking, I find that I can never get my BnB to land.

I do either one of these
C-LP, C-LP, S-MP --> MCB or
C-LP, C-LP, S-HK --> MCB

I find that my S-HK/S-HK --> MCB doesn’t land. I tried hitting the button first --> start swing the stick, and hit punch again. From training mode, half the time it doesn’t record the MCB.

Am I missing something in the buffer? Or just needs more practice? Any advice will be great.

I tried something similar on Cody. C-HP --> criminal upper. Works everytime, which is why it’s frustrating the heck out of.

Thanks a lot!

Not to be a dick, but you probably just aren’t doing it fast enough. Cody’s links are totally different so don’t use that for a comparison.

Try linking st.HK to MCB first to get the timing down, then try the c.LP’s with it.

Also, you should ask question like this in the following thread


That’s the beginners Q&A thread, made specifically for questions like yours

Thanks for the tip. I will divert the questions to the other thread then. The problem is those threads tend to sink and eventually got nothing.

I understand, but at least try there first as the boards get really cluttered if each question has its own thread. If you get nothing, then maybe make a thread.

Hope you get those links down mate :slight_smile:

Funny you should mention it…

I don’t know whether people just refuse to search or just have no idea how to do so…Cluttering a forum with reposts is much easier though, amirite?

Thanks SalPal & DJ.

I read through the forums once and then decided to post. Funny that at the back of my head that I KNOW I have missed something, mocking will be inevitable. Good hit SalPal, guilty as charged.

Just a note. I have been trying to land a the combo. Not doing any better but I guess more practice is required. Happy matching, take it easy.

If my mocking deters one person from creating a new post, i’m happy. I know it’s kinda tough to search the forum when you can only do so every minute. And reading through all the forum is annoying. But pretty much any “noob question” as you put it is already somewhere in the forum. It’s annoying to log in and see 10 new posts with 5 new threads. that’s all.