Dudley Changes in Arcade Release(updated1stpost)

Good news not many changes. Just gotta change a few FEW things in the tutorial.
like air to air game, anti backdash game et

It’s a LocTest. Arcade isn’t out until winter.

And EX Duck sounds horribly useless unless it’s twice as fast. It has no super armor so your ass is still gonna be jabbed/swept/SRKd out of it. Ducking isn’t a good or smart way to close space anyway.

Faster cr.rh would be wonderful, would definitely help Dudley’s offensive game. EX Ducking is basically a wash: no armor means, like Mr. X said, it’s just as susceptible as non-EX versions, but eventually we’ll find some sort of interesting gimmick for it. (50/50 setups maybe?)

J.rh knocking down is good I guess, although I’ve gotten into the habit of following up air-to-air j.rh with a throw or SSB.

wtf, I didn’t even bug out for the double post. :frowning:

I wonder if the knockdown is untechable. That would be great.

Anything which ‘knocks down’ in the air is a Hard Knock down. So yes, it would be untechable.

These changes are rather perplexing. They don’t help with Dudley’s 2 worst match ups Guile and Dhalsim. I wonder why they would even make these changes.

It’s no invincibility on HP Jet Upper or a usable victory Rose, which would be my number 1 and 2 most desired tweaks.

I find Honda and Dhalsim to be my worst 2 fights.

Nothing on SSB yet. Hope there’s some subtle tweaks like cr. LK hitting as far as the glove and cr. MK start up being lowered.

Again there’s 3 months until arcade release so anything can happen.

If the duck recovers instantly like reported it maybe possible to cancel hk into ex duck into full ultra1 or ultra2 animation.
If they made it a one frame link it would be risk vs reward without being overpowered.
Also as a follow up to ex mgb you would use ex duck into ultra2.
With some characters hitbox being tiny it would make using 3 ex bars for ex mgb into duck upper fadc into duck straight into ultra2 less expensive.
Just some ideas of how it can affect his gameplay.
I really hope they speed up cr mk or made stnd hp hitbox lower to help his main weakness.

Oh something ridiculous like shk ex duck shk ex duck shk ex duck shk ex MGB

So Dudley’s jumping HK’s going to add the same knockdown as juri’s jumping HP…

Hopefully the c.HK buff means c.HK x3 isnt character specific.

Holy Hell anti cross up ex duck ultra 2 anti air?

So… Are they gonna do anything to Side Suckage Blow?

s.HK has 3 active frames and 18 frames of recovery and is only +2 on hit.

If EX Duck was 14 frames you could combo into Ultra from it. Which would be amusing. It would also be useful against Guile.

I don’t see how Honda is a harder match than Guile tbh.

But yeh, in general I would much rather they gave him a SSB that hits from the moment it comes back in, and a Rose that was useful with only 15 frames of start up and the same 9f block stun 6f hit stun

cr. Hk x3 isn’t character specifc now.

Oh you’re right I meant c.HK x2 only after some juggles.
If that isnt character specific then it’ll be a lot easier to pull off in a match
Wont have to resort to duck straight lp mgb anymore.

That doesnt really affect Dudley’s balancing anyway.

The issue for me is one of his best tools in 3S, his SSB, is fundamentally useless.

If he has quicker start up on cr.MK that would help greatly against dhalsim so as to get trades against his limbs from across the screen.

better f.mp c.mk f.hp was all I asked really, it looks like dudley will get some serious buffs tho, this ex ducking, if it works against chun li, dalshim and guile, they might not be such counterpicks anymore…

Make Dudleys Standing HP anti air knock the opponent to the other side of the stage LMAO.

st.HP should wall bounce for another st.HP to combo into… which then wall bounces.

I want his glove to be fatter only for standing roundhouse. Its bugs me when I whiff that move right in front of an opponent. EX Ducking sounds bad unless you get like an FADC for no meter. I think my favorite thing though would be more moves that give him plus frames on block or more plus frames for the moves he already has.