Dudley changes! No nerfs!



I just had to create this thread, Abel nerfs on ultra 2 made me a very happy full of wakeup options Dudley, awesome, but I expect nerf in damage for better pokes, I dunno, we hit like a freaking truck, tho they are hard combos a basic punish with one ex bar goes for up to 300 damage :\

Reason I made this thread is to ask what you guys think Dudley will be getting, also if he might lose something and why, And we will still be using it next monday, see ya…


c.MK’s active frame is increased to 5f.
s.HK’s recovery is reduced. While the situation doesn’t change on hit, frame advantage is 0 on block, so the risk is reduced and therefore it’s easier to utilize.
j.HK, will slam down opponents to the ground if they’re hit in airborne state, so it’s better as an AA.

We changed F+MP’s start-up to 7f, and increased hitbox as well, so it is possible to hit some characters out of their low attacks.
F+HK’s hitbox got buffed, so it is possible to connect from further away than now.

A new special, EX duck, is added in.
Different from regular ones, EX duck has upper body invincibility during movement, and canceling into follow-ups is possible from the 3rd frame.
LP/LK attack -> EX duck -> Ducking Straight/Upper is possible as well.

Jet Upper FADC on block has frame advantage of -2f.
Also, we fixed cases on where throw didn’t connect on some dizzied opponents.

We made situations on where he had difficulty to be less severe, and made the changes for Dudley to have more variety of chances.
We think the brand-new EX duck will become an important tool with new combo possibilities, so you can look forward to him.

Gentlemen, we still hit like a train :smiley:


Stun damage nerfs? 2 combos and we got a stun on 1000 stun characters.
Damage nerfs?

I can’t see any nerfs coming honestly. It’s not like Dudley has an easy time getting in, he needs it all.

I’m hoping for crLP to be +3 on block, less pushback on crLK on hit and quicker crMK, along with the rumored faster crHK, rose taunt.


If they fix the rose, it won’t be a taunt anymore for sure, I mean I said that nerf thing because some characters that no one thought they would get nerfs just got… like Ibuki and El fuerte, and Dudley has something a chimp would find out just by looking at it (high damage) capcom seem to look to stuff in a diferent way :\


Ibuki’s loop isn’t easily escaped like Dudley’s oki game. I can see why a she got a stun nerf.

Fuerte nerfs are exaggerated imo.

Keeping with the theme of the nerfs, there’s going to be damage and stun nerfs I bet.


In one week i get to say “Oh hell yes!” or " Oh hell naw!"

I don’t think he needs much, would love if they could change the bloody jump ark back to the third strike style. That’s all really.

Oh and i love the avatar Mr.X real classy.


We are probably not the only Dudley players who think this :\

Just because of capcom stupid way of seeing things, and if the buffs on normals maybe don’t make up for it, we are in deep s*** lol…

I’m gonna get myself an avatar lol, about time…


I agree your post window looks so cramped and lonely. ^-^


If he doesn’t get nerfed in damage, then he got off lucky as far as his strengths are concerned. I think damage output combined with his relatively decent close up pressure and ability to get the opponent to the corner quickly makes a big difference in this game where damage is apparently getting nerfed across the board.

His weakness is getting in on certain opponents (like fucking Guile and Chun). If they make that easier to do on his end as opposed to his opponents getting weaker, then they’re probably not going to reward him as much for getting in. He currently does SF4 damage while most characters do SSF4 damage and the one’s that still did SF4 damage finally got the nerf in AE (so far).

…Just Sayin’


I’m thinking he might get some damage nerfs as well, but really i don’t see how they can make him easier to get in on characters like Guile, Chun-Li or even Dhalsim. Those are bad matchups because of character design and archetypes. Dudley always had bad footsies and his trade off has always been mixups, damage and stun combos.

Unless they revamp entirely how Dudley plays i’m afraid we’re gonna get nerfs with no real buffs. I’m truly dreading these changes, things might get ugly.


Scared and excited at the same time…


I would gladly trade a couple of damage nerfs for invincibility on his non-EX Jet Uppers. Dudley needs that in this game. EX Duck should have armor. This would make getting in on fucks like Dhalsim a hell of a lot less stressful. Besides, why would you even make an EX Duck if it goes the same speed and travels the same distance as HK duck?

I trust Capcom to not screw over Dudley.

So… my predictions:

+Jet Upper invincibility frames
+j.HK knocks down air-to-air (we know this already)
+Faster c.HK
+3s Rose
+EX Duck (with Super Armor)
+Better Cross Counter
+Better hitbox on Short Swing Blow
+Less recovery on some other normals

-Damage nerfs to Jet Upper. Probably -20 each.
-Stun damage reduction around the board.


Nah they wouldn’t give Dudley invulnerability on his uppercuts, they are for use in combos where you don’t want to expend an ex bar and like damage and knockdown, nerf it’s damage makes no sense (unless the invunerability thing becomes truth, which I doubt, he is no shoto)

The truth is, if he gets some nerfs, he might have even more problems against his bad matchups, because the way to fix those, would probably change his gameplay

we need to sit and wait with fingers crossed…


Cammy and Adon aren’t shotos either, yet they have an invincible DP. Dudley’s only reliable “Get the fuck off me” move is EX Jet Upper, and you need three bars of meter to even make it safe. This is SSFIV - Dudley needs a DP on par with the rest, methinks. I can live without the invincible DP, like we’ve all been doing, but it can’t do anything but help his game.


I’m hoping we get a lot of frame adjustments and a way to get in. Sakura and Makoto buffs seem pretty good and if Dudley gets something similar he’s definitly going to climb. A lot of people and myself included got the impression that dudley sucked when I first got ssf4 and appearently capcom is balancing according to what they think ppl want. “Abel U2 is cheap!” “Blanka is OP” “Cammy pressure is too gdlk!” “El fuerte is annoying!”.

Except one guy that wrote that my char is a “OP ni**er” most ppl msg me and ask why I play dudley cuz they think he sucks.

I would like faster Jet Upper. Make lp version 3 frames with no invincibilty, that way it gets easier to trade.


Help his game is not mash an uppercut like all the rest do on strings and on wakeup negating other characters oki, what he needs is get in more efficiently with tools that will make him stick there to keep using frametraps and strings…

Good example is rufus and adon, but they come flying at you >.> it will be quite hard to “fix” Dudley honestly, they even might f*** him up with the damage thing…

A good idea is like make f.mk faster and c.jab have more advantage if both became a good trap, guiles and chuns would s**** their pants once Dudley gets in…


at the whole thread


I’m definitely feeling a st.hp nerf coming on (down to 100 or 110 damage), and a slight damage and stun damage nerf whilst they maybe buff up a few of his crouching normals and possibly a couple of his specials like TB and SSB. That’ll be it really.

The changes I’ve been seeing so far have been very minimal, only character who got something completely new was Gen with his TC’s, but everyone knew that bitch needed SOMEthing, so don’t hold out for drastic changes to his specials or whatever.


I agree with Mr. X. Dudley’s cr.lp would really help against Balrog because it’s almost impossible to cr.lk, cr.lp, st.hk. He just gets pushed back and Balrogs hitbox is so wierd…

Also, Dudley’s a fucking Boxer so it would be so stupid to nerf his st.hp damage…if they do, they should do the same for Balrog because his st.hp has shit load of range and damage. Really, I don’t think he will get invisibility on his jet upper at all. also, I do agree his f.mk needs to be faster to make his block strings tougher to be jabbed out of (Balrog) but can still be mashed DP out of. It gives his some mixup opportunity because you’ll be under pressure and the most you can do is block (or mash) but you’ll mixup in and overhead occasionally or cr.lk or a throw. They REALLY need to give his duck LESS recovery because it really is his problem right now to get in on Chun and Guile without fucking getting hit. His EX Duck needs Super Armor so he can absorb. Dudley needs his car and jacket entrance from 3RD STRIKE.



needs LESS recovery on his duck I think you mean

And there’s no way Dudley is getting invincibility on his non EX Jet Upper. I can’t think up a reason why other than wanting to mash an invincible move.


Yup, I dont think we’ll get invincibilty but faster start up on lp jet upper would be nice. IMO dudley got 2 big flaws; getting in and AA.
s.mk doesn’t scare your opponent from jumping in and c.hp is way too slow.

I’m scared we’re gonna get disappointed next week :frowning:
Faster c.hk and useful rose sounds good but it won’t make dudleys bad MU any better…