Dudley - Character Specific Punishes: 4th Blow

…Because 34 has bigger fish to fry.
Here we post on how to best punish moves on block/hit/whiff.

If punish says “FREE” proceed to f.MK/c.HP link or Ultra.

Wheel Kicks: If hit at the heel, safe or out of range to punish. If hit calf, s.HK. If hit knee and up FREE.
Change of Direction: 1st hit -3. Confirm no incoming follow up > Punish with s.LP, s.HK xx
Change of Direction: 2nd hit (Overhead). EX DP or Ultra during start up. On block FREE[COLOR=#000000].[/COLOR]

*** Adon***
*** Akuma ***
*** Balrog ***
*** Blanka ***
*** Cammy ***
*** Chun-Li ***
*** Cody ***
*** C.Viper ***
*** Dan ***
*** Dee Jay ***
*** Dhalsim ***
*** Dudley ***
*** E.Honda ***
*** El Fuerte ***
*** Evil Ryu ***
*** Fei Long ***
*** Gen ***
*** Gouken ***
*** Guile ***
*** Guy ***
*** Hakan ***
*** Ibuki ***
*** Juri ***
*** Ken ***

*** Makoto ***

LP Hayate: s.HK xx, Reversal Ultra 1.
MP Hayate: s.HK xx.
HP Hayate: s.HK xx.
EX Hayate: Super.
Non-Meaty Oroshis: HP Jet Upper or Super.
Ultra 1: FREE.
Ultra 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPyFYIwWpRw#t=0m33s

*** M.Bison ***
*** Oni ***
*** Rose ***
*** Rufus ***
*** Ryu ***
*** Sagat ***
*** Sakura ***
*** Seth ***
*** T.Hawk ***
*** Vega ***
*** Yang ***
*** Yun ***
*** Zangief***

LP Pinwheel: HP Jet Upper or s.HK xx
MK Pinwheel: Crouch block = Free
HK Pinwheel: Free
EX Pinwheel: Crouchblock all hits free.

All Dickkicks: On block no followup. s.HK xx. On block 1 or more follow up, FREE.

LP Hayate: s.HK xx, Reversal Ultra 1
MP Hayate: s.HK xx
HP Hayate: s.HK xx
EX Hayate: Super
Non Meaty Oroshis: HP Jet Upper or Super
Ultra 1: Free
Ultra 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPyFYIwWpRw#t=0m33s

LP MGB: Super
MP MGB: s.HK xx or HP Jet Upper
HP MGB: s.HK xx or HP Jet Upper
EX MGB: s.HK xx or reversal Ultra

LK and EX SSB: Super
MK SSB: s.HK xx
HK SSB: s.HK xx

s.HK xx LK Duck: Stand grab or c.LP, s.HK xx

Duck Straight: Point blank, s.HK xx - Hits near forearm HP Jet Upper or s.HK xx - Max range hits at glove is safe.
Duck Upper: s.HK xx


Post a video section pls

I’m wondering if we should simply have Youtube links for videos so this doesn’t get cluttered and end up 12 miles long.

People should go to the lab and test this relatively simple stuff rather than rely on being baby-spoon fed video examples for things like punishing a DP with f.MK.

Thanks for your contribution, btw. I’ll add the lot with formatting when I have time after work. Can’t get caught on here too much. I’ll also take what’s in the other thread.