Dudley Combo video


Just for those of you who are starting to play dudley, I have had a tactics video of him showing some simple tricks. It has been out for awhile but i just thought i would post here about it. Its really the basics and some good mix up with him.

I dont have a place to host the vid(sorry everyone). The only way as of now to get the video is to AIM me and have me send it to you.

People sharing the video over AIM

Me {AIM}=Sagat
Dj-b13 {AIM}=Sutafokusu13
Geronimo {AIM}=geronimo86

Video size is 26.8MB

I’m am currently workin on another Dudley video with more advance combos with character specific tactics & juggles and a Yang vid. They should be released soon. Feedback would be nice. Long live dudley!!!


nice video man, keep em coming ^_^;

can someone send me that vid on msn plz!

Sweetie, I would share it over AIM too, but dialup would kill everyone.

Zero1: MSN…I don’t even know if anyone in our circle uses, or even has that.

You can beg DJ-B or something to host it on a site maybe? Maybe if Chicken is feeling benevolent.