Dudley Critique

What’s up guys. I was wondering if all you Dudley heads could do me a little favour. I am by no means VictoLy or Kokujin, but I am trying to walk down the path of an improving warrior. I have therefore capped some videos of me playing against some high quality opposition. Please feel free to watch my games and comment on anything that I should try to work on. I know a lot of stuff myself anyway, but I would really like to hear from epsilon, Kal-El, Sir Jiggles and the rest of you guys. Unfortunately, we could not capture sound for the matches, so I guess you’ll ahve to stick WinAmp or something on to give you some background music whilst watching. But at least the video quality is high.

Here: http://hosted.filefront.com/goldengunman

I will put somemore up at a later date.
Oh and if you are wondering, my opponent in this match is none other than IZU of Japan!! Yes THAT Izu, the SBO1 conquerer. He has clearly lost some of his skills, and these matches are only casuals. You’ll see me miss a lot of execution and at times do some stupid stuff, but what can I say, when you are playing one of the world’s best players (well he was at one point), you do feel a little nervous. And at least I didn’t get double-perfected, which Izu did do to my Akuma playing friend HarmoNaz. If you wanna check out som more matches of Izu ( I have him playing AS Dudley somewhere), go to www.rankingbattles.co.uk (shameless plug).

Looking forward to your feedback

Your Dudley is not bad. I think it’s more that his Makoto is annoying, lol. Here’s a pointer. Try and mix up between his short, short and an overhead -> super.


i can’t seem to download them.


Are you sure? I just tried the link and it was fine. I defintley want your opinion Kal-El as I have seen your Dudley from the illusions of oasis page and you are pretty good. Just go to the site, scroll down and you will see Izu vs GGM.wmv. To the right, you will see “download now.” Just choose that option.

Well, I play Sir Jiggles on the weekends and probably am the closest you’ll get to him responding, I haven’t seen him post in ages. Incidentally, we usually play Dudley/Makoto mirror matches as well. Just based off that one vid, it seems Izu was playing extremely boring/safe for casual play. Hit confirming standing roundhouse into EX MGB would’ve helped you tremendously, you hit his limbs early on with meter, but didn’t capitalize. I don’t really know Izu’s true play style, but as a Makoto player, I don’t think he was really playing 100%, all he seemed to do was spam c. roundhouse, and he could’ve easily finished you off after he stunned you with the hp>hayate super link. When Jiggles knocks me down, it’s fucking hell if he has super, he only missed dartshot>super once in a total of 30 matches. I would say making that a solid part of your game would be good.


thanks for the compliment, GG. i’m definitely better than what those vids show now.

but anyway. yeah, i clicked on the links you mentioned, but it just re-directed me to another page. i’ll try again.


Thanks for the input, I appreciate any comment. These games were played at like 3AM so rusty execution can be excused a little. Ramza, you are right about buffering into EX. MGB, I hit Izu a lot with HK and never capitalised, so thanks for that, I’ll try to work it into my game a lot more. I think I stopped doing it quite so often becasue I play Chun players a lot and against her, quite often the MGB does not hit because she hits you with a ducking blow, and you can eat super sometimes through this. BTW in my opinion, Izu never really played at his true best apart from when he was actually playing in the arcade, but it was a great experience anyway.

I watched some vids. I think you know the basics and just need to work on execution. That’s everybody’s problem, really. And execution isn’t just being able to do everything and hitconfirm and link in training mode or against the CPU – execution is getting good enough at making your shit come out in the heat of battle against strangers or better players.

Specific stuff is never a big worry – that’s easy. Just general fundamentals is what takes the longest to learn. And so in that regard I would say be less reckless, learn DUdley’s safe shit, learn all the common characters’ ranges starting with Dudley, and learn when to GET AWAY AND REGROUP.

Good players will whale on you if you don’t back up and break the the momentum every now and again. Do NOT keep rushing up on them. Do NOT randomly throw shit out. You will be surprised how punishable a lot of Dudley’s meter building moves are against good players.

very, very true.

again, very, very true.

every now and then my buddy who uses Ken will hit me with c. forward xx Shippu while i’m whiffing s. roundhouses or c. strongs just by watching when Dudley’s arm retracts. sometimes i get careless and i don’t watch the distance between me and him. one of his greatest assets is that he has every move’s range down pat. i would advise anyone and everyone to ‘study’ those as well. knowing what will hit from how far and what won’t can really up your game.

i’ll watch your vids in a bit then i’ll post again.


i got to watch one of them with u he played ken, sean, remy etc.

u did good except on a few things

when u got a knock down u didn’t follow up with consistent pressure, make that son of a gun guess more man. throw that rose when there waking up too dude!

watch out for his momentum like sirjiggles said back up, regroup.

also u couldve’ mixed it up more.
like u should do more mix ups like whiff uoh, ssb
whiff uoh, duck, throw then once he starts teching ssb or cork, whatever u want

u landed the ex mgb patterns good but u didn’t follow up for max damage, that’s so key esp against ken masters.

u have alot of potential keep it up!! :slight_smile:


I got around to watching the other vid.

I saw that u jumped alot…keep that stuff as a suprise or at least something that isn’t expected alot. it will make it easier to connect all the amazing shit that comes with rh and hp lol!

also when he jumped at u with attacks showing u didn’t anti air him…come on man don’t try to parry everything.

you also had a nice juggle opp. when u landed dw. rh. but u went for lp mgb instead of just sweeping again…i find against makoto it’s easier to do 2 sweeps then mgb, then sweep, then do another lp mgb then do ssb into super or not… maybe it’s just me.

one of the bright things i saw in one of the rounds was u did some nice mixups and truly used the 50/50 trap to perfection at the begginging. but his makoto is pretty solid and hit with super later on.

I still make these mistakes too and i know it has to piss you off as much as it does me when i do it. so just keep working man… you’ll learn those ranges completely through playing more and all that… keep it up are doing very well in alot of spots…

another bright spot was i saw u using ssb as anti air…that was very nice man!!:tup:

I know it’s easy for us critiquers to sit back and arm chair anaylyze, because i know it’s rough in the heat of battle lol… but u will improve vastly i can tell u have alot bright spots… Good luck man, keep playing dudley u are getting solid!!!:clap: