Dudley Cross Up Setups: Affects a lot of your mains!

Here’s my new video guys. you can move it to dudley character specific section if it should be there i understand. The reason I posted it on here is because i’m sure people would like to know if they have to come up against a dudley what the setup was so they can look out for it. Once again I say if it shouldn’t be on this section i’m sorry and move it straight away.

description has all of the transcript enjoy guys

and merry crimbo

Your stuff is top notch

ahh thank you so much man. Means more than you know

Really excellent stuff, thank you.

Today I fought a Claw at the arcade and got a cross up after a full ultra 2 with hk.duck j.lk
Dunno if that was just luck or if it’s a viable set up on claw but it won me the game.

can’t test it at home tho

Thanks for the compliment bro. I just came out of hospital with an op so when i get back to my house on saturday i’ll test it out. If it is viable can i add it to the description with your name for credit?

I’m absolutly not sure about the setup but if it turns out to be a real cross up, of course you can add it no problem.

Get well man.

thanks bro

Yo! Fooling around with Dudley for fun (Honda Main), Great video, I appreciate videos like this. These kind of videos really get you familiar with a character and their intricacies. Some people think they’re useless (YT comments) but I feel that this kind of info is great. It’s not something to base your attack plan on every game/match but it’s good to have some info like this and know how to throw it out randomly.

The jump+lk’s timing for the cross-up was something to get used to but I got it.

And I hope you have a speedy recovery.

thank you so much man, i got a little deflated at the beginning i must admit because of the amount of work i put into it but i realise that was stupid of me, the internet is like this. and people like you make it worth while. nice display pic btw

Keep it up Shoryusengan!

I main Gouken and Dudley as my secondary. But Dudley is definitely much more fun to use.

These setups will be added to my arsenal. Appreciate what you do bro!

thanks broski

FYI duck straight hit followed by J.LK will crossup combo most characters, s/c.mp (hit or block) x duck straight on block or counterhit does this as well, really useful for pressure.
*edit: blocked / none combo duck straights has to be hit at point blank range, combos on hit set you up for the perfect distance.

thanks bro

at the end when you recorded yourself and you were trying to show that it beats lariat…you were doing it to soon. lariat would blow it up

wow its really hard to hit the crossup but worth practising :)))

video is private :frowning: