Dudley deserves top tier status

I was thinking about this the past few days, looking at his good match ups, and I realized that he goes even with Yun, Chun, Ken and Makoto. I know some ppl will disagree, either by saying Yun beats him, or Ken beats him, but I don’t think so anymore. Maybe he is already accepted top tier, who knows, I haven’t read the Dudley forum that match, but I have taken a look at some pretty well thought out match up charts, and have seen my fair share of the top Dudley player vids. I know (not positive) a Dudley is the only one of the top5 (Yun, Chun, Ken, Makoto, Dud) to not win some sort of major/national tourney (I think?), so that right there could be considered proof that he doesn’t have what it takes to beat Yun/Chun/Ken for the top spot, but I just think that has to do with the concentration of the other top4. I dunno, the more I think about it, and the more I use him, I realize he really does go even with the other top4, and if that doesn’t make someone top tier, I dunno what does. Thoughts?

Dudley is not top tier. His size pretty much makes him high tier instead of top tier, because a lot of things land on Dudley (and Urien, seems as how he’s regarded as top tier by many) that don’t land on shotos or short characters (Yun, Chun, etc.). Furthermore, RH rapes him with a lot of characters… Ryu’s RH is devastating against a Dudley. Finally, his moves are not the greatest for recovery (they’re good, but not like Ken or Chun) and Dudley’s wakeup and juggles are really the only 2 things that he excells at. Dudley is good, but not top tier.

He has too much of a weakness to low pokes, also.

Maybe it’s just me, but I thought your reasons were retarded. What lands on Dudley that is game breaking? If anything, stuff like kara SRK’s are easier on Chun, and Chun is the easiest to juggle in the corner. How does RH rape him? If you mean as a pre-emptive anti-air, yeah it can hit him like that if you anticipate a jump, but it can hit anyone like that as long as you’re close enough. And why would Ryu be doing random rh’s? Dudley can punish the whiff with his own rh xx ex mgb. If you’re talking about just using it as an early’ish anti-air cause Dudley’s jump arc is low, then you’re gonna get mauled, cause it’s easy to parry, and follow up with a jumpin combo which takes off 50%+ easy off Ryu. And you think Dudley has terrible recovery? He has pretty much the best set of +frame advantage moves in the game. His t+forward, s. strong, low strong rh, low rh are all have positive frame advantage. His fierce, t+fierce are unpunishable on block and his low fierce and low shorts are all neutral on block. Where’s the bad recovery you’re talking about? His wake up is the scariest in the game, his juggles are the deadliest in the game, not counting Urien corner game w/Aegis. He’s got an amazing ground game with t+fierce and option select rh xx eg mgb. His anti-air game is the best in the game IMO. I dunno, I accept criticisms against him if they’re valid. But you’re points are just meaningless.

What difference does it make? Its the difference between one spot. He is right below makoto, the lowest ranked top tier character. If you want, consider him top tier in your own personal tier listing.

yes dudley have troubles because he not have a solid footside game…

Why do ppl always assume that you need a footsie game in 3S to be top tier? What footsie game does Yun have? What footsie game does Makoto have? What footsie game does Urien have? The only footsie oriented top-tiers are Chun and Ken. Dudley has other shit that makes up for his lack of low forward. His jump being one. His t+fierce being the other, which is huge in the Ken matchup (but not so much vs Yun/Chun cause they can duck it). His option select rh xx ex mgb being another.

Ryu’s RH stuffs almost all of Dudley’s charge-in type moves, not just his jump in… although it does pretty much shut him down there too.

Furthermore, it’s common knowledge as a Ryu player to whiff RH’s against a Dudley.

And as for corner juggles and damage, I think Urien and Oro take the cake in that department.

I was curious as to what kind of BS was in here, and I just had to stop right there. LOL at that.

In Dudley’s defense, he IS even with Chun… according to the Japanese. He only has a slight disadvantage to Yun and Gouki.


Yun doesn’t need footsies at all. He has Genei Jin. Makoto doesn’t really have footsies, which is partly why she’s not considered to be a hard top tier. Urien has shit footsies, but you bringing him up is irrelevant seeing as he’s not top tier.

People assume that you need a solid footsie game in 3s to be top tier because… well… the top tier have a solid footsie game? Of the three top 3 characters, Yun, Chun & Ken, you explicitly state that Chun & Ken are footsies-oriented. Yun is top tier only because of GJ. If it weren’t for GJ, he’d be high-mid at best. So, of the 3 top characters, 1 breaks the system, and the other 2 are footsie oriented.

Makoto is bullshit. And how does Urien not have footsies?

ryu can whiff rh against dudley from a far range where he can’t punish him adequately. it’s just a fucking weird thing to explain how that move bothers dudley, you just have to see it. it just eats up pretty much everything he does.

WRONG. Whiff those Rh’s against a good Dudley, you will eat option select s. rh xx EX MGB ALL day. Not to mention that strategy gets shut down HARD by t+fierces out of sweep range. Also, s. strong punishes s. rh whiffs, too. And you think s. rh anti-air will keep out a good Dudley? Buddy, I’ve played good Dudley’s, they rape you for attempting such weak sauce anti-airs. Play someone like YellowS4 or AneurysmX and see how far spamming one move will get you.

About corner juggles, Oro needs Tengu to even compare to what Dudley can do with no meter, not to mention what he can do WITH meter. Urien, I already mentioned has top-tier corner juggles, I dunno why you brought him up again.

Makoto doesn’t have a footsie game. Her walk speed is le terrible, thus eliminating any sort of footsies. Urien has low forward which is parry bait since it leads to nothing, and his s. strong is whiff bait, and gets punished harsh by Dudley’s s. rh option select, as seen in Victoly requiem video. Of the 4 accepted top-tiers, 2 are footsie oriented, and 2 are not. Dudley on the other hand has pretty good footsies because he has a decent walk speed + t+fierce and option select rh, which both do substantial damage by themselves, and the latter leading to big damage. 3S != CVS2. Footsies are not required because the game has a lot of variety when it comes to what works. Chun/Ken are footsie oriented. Makoto is mixup oriented. Yun is brute force super oriented. Dudley is mixup oriented. Urien is unblockable oriented. They all offer something unique (btw, I don’t think Urien is top).

Once again, wrong. Dudley’s rh beats Oro’s rh outside of Oro’s rh range clean, and trades at worse a bit further inside. Dudley’s t+fierce trades at worse vs Oro’s rh if done outside Oro’s range. Dudley can also punish Oro’s rh with his own strong. Furthermore, although Oro is a short character, he still can’t duck the t+fierce.

Oro wins Dudley for free. I don’t care if he’s top tier or bottom tier my RH > Dudley

The reason Dudley isn’t top tier to me isn’t that he can’t hang vs the top tiers, or doesn’t have good options compared to them. In my opinion he does have the tools (both offensive and defensive) to be one of the best, but think about how the other characters fare against him. Compare how Yun and Chun do against Ibuki, Akuma, Urien, Ryu, Oro, etc. and then look at Dudley; they all give him a way harder time mostly because of lack of low pokes, and his hitbox. He doesn’t steamroll the characters below him the way the top tiers do.

dudley lacks c.mk. so he’s not top tier.

Maybe that is true, but I think he deals with the top4 very well (5-5 for all 4). Although he may not steamroll the lower tier, he still beats them, and I don’t think anyone can dispute that. So then all you have left is the top-tier matchups, which in my eyes are the matchups that truly matter.

Dudley even with Yun/Chun? What the hell?

Best answer! :rofl: So, true…