Dudley Dudley Dudley

I don’t know how many times in the past week i’ve heard “CORK SCREW BLOW!! (akuma screams/dies)” well yeah, u get the point. this guy has got great anti-air, he can dodge/duck throw fireballs and can juggle really good. wut to do against duds?:confused:

I’ve never had much trouble with dudley. All his blocked moves get punished easier than anyone else. Also, someone should make a thread with all akumas matchups for easy reading :smiley:

good point. i dont know, i use dudley against akuma. one combo is like 90% stun on akuma and 50% damage already too, lol.

every character has a combo like that against akuma :arazz:

Sean doesnt!

Shoryu cannon on its own is enough to screw akuma :arazz:

Check the Dudley forum. There’s a VS akuma thread in there where I posted a few things.

In general, play a mean ground game against Duds. He’s one of the few characters that can give you trouble in the air for some reason :xeye: Demon flip grabs as surprise tactics. Never do hurricanes when he has super, spam them otherwise (unless they can red parry). Always look to anti air him when he jumps in. Teleport away when he’s in close - you might eat a super if they react fast enough, but it might be better than the UOH link into super that you would have eaten instead.

wut would i use to counter a whiffed corkscrew blow, besides a reversal super. last time i tried, BnB doesnt work in time…

Use air hadous… then follow up with some pressure UOH’s or c.mk to hurricanes, maybe just wait for him to come to you, play defensively and punish his slow recovery on his moves (mostly his special normals). Just check out some Dot or Jiro videos. Those two are fucking awesome with Akuma.

^so your sayin, after a whiffed corkscrew blow…to jump up in the air and do an air hadoken??? hmm…never tried that one.

I never said that at all. You’re putting words into my mouth and only a dumbass would follow a whiffed corkscrew with an air hadou.

After a whiffed corkscrew, do either hp, hk hurricane (or hp shoryu if you’re close enough) or hp, lk hurricane, hp shoryu. Both do pretty decent damage and stun.

you have to take into account what version of Corkscrew Blow Dudley is using. if it’s the jab version, then odds are you won’t get a fierce off in time. you’re better off just doing roundhouse Tatsu right away or just a super. for the strong and fierce versions, c. forward xx short Tatsu is your best and safest option.

and btw, Dudley has some of the safest normals in the game. so if you guys are gonna rely on punishing his normals, think again. the only normal Dudley has that’s slow as heck is his c. forward. everything else puts him at frame advantage.

*edit: by special normals i’m thinking that you mean just his special set of moves like MGB and Jet Uppercut. those are easy to punish when whiffed. don’t bother trying to punish SSB on block though. *


^good looks to the both of u.

It all depends on the situation (I agree), but typically it’s better to follow up with a chain for the opportunity of stun and damage if you can manage it. To be a good Akuma, you have to learn to manage your opportunities.

Forward mk, hp, forward hp, crouching mk, forward hp, close standing mp, even forward mp and crouching mp if your reflexes are godly enough…

He’s got a lot of punishable normals. Usually those can be punished with mk/hk hurricanes or shoryus.

I used the term “Special normals” meaning a direction with a certain button them (see several above)

if you can make a video of that i’d really like to see it.

everything you mentioned in your list – *with the exception of c. forward and s. fierce *-- is something Dudley can link into super with and that means that it recovers really fast. also, can you elaborate more on what you mean by punishing? do you mean you’re gonna stuff the move with something else or do you mean you’re actually gonna punish Dudley after blocking say, twds + forward? 'cuz if what you’re saying is the latter, then yeah, i’d really really wanna see a video of someone doing that.

courtesy of JinraiPVC:


apart from c. forward, the worst case scenario is twds + fierce which is a -3 on block. even then, you’d have to execute a reversal super ala reversing the Shoto c. forward. theoretically, you can use Akuma’s forward/roundhouse Tatsu to reversal punish twds + fierce, but that’s it. all the other normals you listed recover faster than it takes for the Tatsus to come out. or just as fast. Akuma’s fierce Shoryu technically is fast enough to punish other normals as it comes out in 1 frame, but it lacks range for most and you’d have to be KYSGprogrammedstick fast.


I just red parry the last hit and punish (lots of ways to punish with that last red parry)

He he can link the moves listed, yes, but he cancels most of them to SA 1 or 3. This means that the whole move doesnt go all the way through, and if a specific move mentioned is whiffed (and not followed by a super) then it could be punished because of the slower recovery rate. I’m not saying your reaction should be godly, but you should know/learn which moves to counter… and the ones I listed (I believe) are some you should take a look at.

Which is exactly why I said it depends on the situation. If you’re close enough, you should take advantage of the shoryu.


Well, have fun trying to punish Dudley’s normals.

There are some things you just don’t do in 3S, dude, and punishing/reversing Dudley’s normals is one of them.

i see what you’re saying now. you’re talking about punishing whiffed normals, and that’s totally fine. you can do that versus anyone. heck, i always make sure that i’m not whiffing s. roundhouses too much because the Shotos can hit Dudley low. what i am saying though, is attempting to punish Dudley’s normals on block. that’s an entirely different scenario and i’m just telling you that you’d have to be like a programmable controller to be able to pull that off. i don’t wanna be a Japanese nut-hugger here, but if you don’t see the top Japanese players reversal supering (or reversal special) blocked Dudley normals, then there’s no reason to expect to see that elsewhere as a regular occurence.


hmm… interesting. i always thought i kept fkin up. but guess not.

You say that as if I haven’t done or can’t do it. I do do it, and that’s why I’m recommending it… from experience. It works for me.